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Simpler Times screenshot

Simpler Times walkthrough – puzzle solutions, item locations and achievements guide

If you’re playing Simpler Times, you’re in for a treat. Available now on PC, this short but sweet game takes you through four different seasons, each representing a stage in a young girl’s life. You’ll paw over her belongings, solve puzzles and find important items in her bedroom. Our Simpler Times walkthrough will help you find some of the more hidden items and tell you how to solve each season’s puzzle. We’ve also included a full achievement guide, so you won’t miss anything.

There are a few things to note before making your way through our Simpler Times walkthrough. Most importantly, you cannot return to the first Autumn season. To move to the next season, you need to play a record on the turntable. Do this too soon at the beginning, and you won’t be able to go back — so make sure you do everything first. We made this mistake!

Second, the in-game journal, which you can access by pressing X, provides a to-do list for everything you need to do in each season. Be sure to refer to it regularly if you’re not sure what you should be doing.

We’ve highlighted achievements in our walkthrough as and when you can get them. You’ll also find a full achievement overview at the bottom of this guide.

Have fun playing Simpler Times, and we hope our walkthrough is helpful. Importantly, though, simply enjoy being part of this game’s world — and make sure you interact with everything to get the most out of it.

Simpler times walkthrough – quick links

Autumn (part one)

Your first task when starting Simpler Times is to grab three apples and put them in the bowl on the window sill. One apple is right beside the bowl. To get two more, open the window and reach out to grab them from the tree.

Inspect the photo that appears by the side of the fruit bowl. Now, press X to examine the journal and see your tasks for this season.

1. Take a pic of the window

This one’s nice and easy. Press Y to pull out your camera and point it towards the window. Press A to capture, then click the tick underneath the photo to keep the photo. Doing this will unlock the Where I Come From achievement.

2. Put everything in boxes

There are three boxes in the bedroom that need packing up:

  • The book box: This is the one nearest the bed. Click to open it, then place all books in it. They’re all nearby: either on the floor, on the bed or the bedside cabinet.
  • The toy box: This is the box nearest the window. There are two soft toys on the floor, one on the bed and one hung on the back of the bedroom door. You’ll also need to add the rocket from the top of the wardrobe and the robot which is at the bottom of the left-hand side of the wardrobe.
  • The box on the desk: This one needs scissors, a notebook, pen cup, calculator and notepad. Everything is on the desk aside from the notepad which is in the second desk drawer.

That’s everything from your journal — you can now move on to the next season. Pick up the green record (Two Seconds of Being Weightless) off the floor. Go to the record player and stop the current record with the ‘start/stop’ button. Click the record to put it away, then choose Two Seconds of Being Weightless. The season will change to winter.

Achievements to get in Autumn (part one)

  • Let some light in: Interact with the left curtain to open it.
  • Harvest season: Put 10 apples total in the bowl.
  • A ghost was here: You can get this achievement in any chapter. Simply open all drawers and doors at the same time. There are drawers and doors on the wardrobe, drawers in the desk and a drawer in the bedside cabinet.
  • Energy saver – Turn off the desk lamp in daylight.


The Winter season of Simpler Times sees your character as a young girl. There are three tasks to complete in the journal, which we’ve listed below.

1. Find a constellation to paint

Interact with the telescope. Looking through it, you’ll see a series of stars. By clicking on one, you can join it to another one. You’ll need to make a dog ‘astronaut’, just like the screenshot below. You can join stars together in any order.

Simpler Times constellation screenshot
Screenshot: GameSpew

2. Make a painting and frame it

You can’t do this until you’ve done the constellation above. Go over to the desk, and interact with the piece of paper. Click the image of the dog constellation to add a drawing to the page.

If you want to add colour to your drawing, you can click the paint box on the left side of the desk to open it, then grab a paintbrush from the right. You’ll add colour freehand. When you’re done, click the push pin on the desk to hang your painting on the noticeboard.

3. Build a rocket

Head to the windowsill. You’ll find a sheet of instructions, and various rocket parts. You need to start from the bottom and work your way up to the top. Interact with items in the following order, moving them onto the base plate to click into place:

  • Interact first with the corks, which make the engines
  • Next is the black bottle lid
  • Now, the white bottle which makes the body of the rocket
  • Next, click the four set squares, which make the ‘wings’
  • Then it’s the brown cone, which is on top of the radiator
  • Finally, the yellow nose

Completing the rocket will unlock the Little Engineer achievement.

Simpler Times rocket building
Here’s where you’ll start building the rocket. Screenshot: GameSpew

Now you’re ready to move to the next season. Find the next record — My Heart is a Bird Nest — in the bag at the bottom of the bed. Play it on the record player to move to the next season.


Our protagonist is a little older as we move on to the Spring chapter of Simpler Times. This time, there are only two tasks to complete from the journal:

1. Build a birdhouse

  • Move over to the windowsill to begin building the birdhouse. Before you can start putting it together, you need to ‘cut’ three boards into shape. This is the tricky part!
  • Start with the green board. You’ll need to drag the ‘pins’ on the pieces pieces of string so they cover the outlines drawn onto the wood. This one is nice and easy. Once they’re in place, interact with the board to cut it.
  • Click on the first white board and do the same. This one is tricky: you have many more pieces of string and need to get everything in the right place. Find the pin closest to the second dot at the bottom of the board and pull it into place. Start with getting just one strand in the right place, then it’s easy to work from there. When a string is placed correctly, it’ll turn green.
  • Repeat with the second whiteboard.
  • When everything is cut out, it’s time to put the bird house together. Now to put it together. Start by laying the largest flat white piece on the workboard. You should be prompted with a marker to lie it down. Next the sides, then the green roof. Once it’s built, interact with it to hang it in the tree.

Completing the bird house will unlock the Birdhotel achievement.

Birdhouse board in Simpler Times
Here’s how the first board should look…
Birdhouse board in Simpler Times
And the second board. (Screenshots: GameSpew)

2. Take photos of birds

You’ll need to take three photos with birds in. Look out of the window and press Y to pull out camera. Just like in real life, taking a photo of a bird means waiting patiently. These birds move fast, so when one flies into shot and settles on a branch, be ready to press A to quickly snap it.

To move on to the next season, play the ‘We All Start as Strangers’ record, which you’ll find on the bed.

Achievements to get in Spring

  • Whoops: Throw the skull toy out of the window – you’ll find it on the floor.


This season is perhaps the trickiest. There are three journal tasks to complete, and we’ve detailed them below.

Find three meaningful pieces

There are three things to find around the bedroom that you’ll need to complete the diorama. They are as follows:

  • Broken record piece: You might remember seeing a broken record in the previous seasons. This time you’re not looking for the whole record — simply the tiny piece that broke off it. You’ll find it inside the wardrobe, on the bottom shelf of the left-hand side.
  • Mom’s necklace: It’s in the round container on the bedside table.
  • Deer: On the window sill you’ll find a deer statue that needs building. Read the letter and rotate to find the instructions. Put the legs in place first, dragging them over to the base one by one to click in place. Then the largest piece for the body, then the neck, then the head.

Finding these three items will unlock the Know Thyself trophy.

Simpler Times deer
Here are the instructions to put the deer together, found by rotating the nearby letter. Screenshot: GameSpew

2. Finish the diorama

  • This one’s a little tricky, and you’ll likely need to fiddle around for a while before everything gets in the right place.
  • Place the deer, record piece and necklace on the diorama then take the two rings from the chair and place them on top.
  • Next, rotate the record at the bottom so the necklace is lined up with the blue dots – it’ll light up blue.
  • Now you need to line up the orbs with the stars in the background. Start with the central ring – the diamond needs to be directly above the deer’s head. Work from there. Once one’s in the right place, it’ll light up blue.
Simpler Times diorama screenshot
Here’s how the diorama should look when it’s complete. Image: GameSpew

3. Take a pic of the Build

This one’s nice and easy: simply press Y to pull out your camera and take a picture of the finished diorama.

There’s one last thing to do: Pick up the the ‘I Was Here’ record from the bed and play it to move to the next season.

Achievements to unlock in Summer

  • Birdwatching – Interact with the binoculars, which are on the window sill.
  • Memory Lane – interact with and start playing the handheld games console, which is on the bed.

Autumn (part two)

This is the final stretch of Simpler Times, with the three journal tasks all related to packing. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Pack the items from the list

You’ll find the packing list pinned to the back of the bed near the suitcase. Here’s everything on it, and where you’ll find the items:

  • 6x clothing items – In both sides of wardrobe
  • 3x pair of socks – Second wardrobe drawer
  • 3x books – Choose any three from the shelf above the desk
  • 3x souvenirs – The rock from the base of the plant next to the bed, the compass in the desk drawer, and a spinning top from the wardrobe drawer.
  • 2x postcards – One on shelf above desk, and the leaf letter on shelf above bed
  • Poster – On wall above bed
  • Rubiks cube – Shelf above desk behind “calm” book
  • Favorite mug – On the desk
  • Necklace – In the circular container on the bedside cabinet
  • Handheld console – Pull the skateboard from under the bed. Its placed on top of it
  • Framed photo – Choose one from wall or shelf above desk
  • Painting – The astronaut dog from inside the left wardrobe door
  • Pencil case – Top drawer of desk
  • Piggy bank – Shelf above desk
  • Walkman – On desk
  • Binoculars – Shelf above desk
  • Deer puzzle – In brown box in bottom drawer of wardrobe
  • Sunglasses – Top drawer of desk
  • Letter – Shelf above desk, hidden underneath the book laid down on the right

When you’ve found everything, go to the bed and interact with the suitcase. You can now start placing things inside the suitcase. Some things you’ll need, but you’ll find you need to choose between some things, i.e. the mug and rubiks cube, and the binoculars and walkman.

Once you’ve got everything you need, the suitcase will automatically close.

2. Find the letter

This is the university letter we found in the packing list above. It’s on the shelf above the desk, hidden underneath a book on the right-hand side.

3. Add six stickers to the luggage

Once you’ve packed up everything, interact with the suitcase to begin adding stickers. These are the stickers you’ve been collecting in your journal by completing tasks (see our achievement guide for more details). Choose six or more stickers and drag them onto the case. Once you’re done, press B to back out.

All that’s left to do is look out of the window. That’s it: you’ve completed Simpler Times. You’ll unlock the Should I Stay or Should I Go achievement at this point.

Achievements to unlock in Autumn (part two)

  • Stillness: Look out of the window for 60 seconds. You can get this in any chapter, but it makes sense at the end of this chapter as the credits are rolling.
  • Play it one last time: After packing up your case and adding stickers to it, play one more vinyl on the record player.


We’ve covered most achievements above, but you’ll find a full list of all achievements here to ensure you don’t miss anything. Some achievements require you to find things across multiple seasons, so make sure you check here so you don’t miss anything.

  • Let Some Light In – Open the curtains (Autumn – part one)
  • Where I Come From – Take a photo of the window (story-related)
  • Little engineer – build the rocket in Winter (story-related)
  • Birdhotel – Build the bird house in Spring (story-related)
  • Birdwatching – Use the binoculars to spot the bird that sings in summer (Summer)
  • Memory Lane – Play a game on the handheld console (Summer)
  • Know Thyself – find the three meaningful items in Summer (story-related)
  • Should I Stay or Should I Go – Gaze out of the window (story-related)
  • Stillness – Spend 60 seconds looking out of the window (any season)
  • A Ghost Was Here – Open all drawers and doors at the same time (any season)
  • Energy saver – Turn off desk lamp in daylight (Autumn – part one)
  • Play It One Last Time – Play one more vinyl before leaving (Autumn – part two)
  • Thoughts On The Wall – Look at all the art prints (multiple seasons)
  • Stickers Collector – Collect all the stickers (multiple seasons – see below)
  • Disk Jockey – Spin the record on the turntable (any season)
  • Harvest Season – Pick 10 apples and put them in the bowl (Autumn – part one)
  • Whoops – Throw the skull toy out of the window (Spring)

Stickers Collector – how to get all stickers in Simpler Times

There are multiple stickers to get while playing through Simpler Times. Many of them you’ll get for simply completing story-related tasks. Others are completely optional, but if you’re trying to unlock all achievements, you’ll need them all.

Here’s every sticker in Simpler Times, and a walkthrough of how to unlock them all.

  • Pack everything: Story-related; by packing all the boxes in Autumn (part one).
  • Find a constellation: Story-related; by finding the dog constellation in Winter.
  • Make a painting: Story-related; by painting the dog constellation in Winter.
  • Build a birdhouse: Story-related; build the birdhouse in Spring.
  • Take photos of birds: Story-related; photograph three birds in Spring.
  • Finish the deer diorama: Story-related; build the deer statue in Summer.
  • Find 3 magazines: The first is in Winter, in the third drawer of the wardrobe. The second is in Spring, in the second desk drawer. The third is in Summer, laid on the bed.
  • Listen to 4 records: Story-related; you’ll unlock this as you naturally move from one season to the next.
  • Take 5 photos: Pull out your camera with Y and take at least five photos.
  • Clean plant of dry leaves: You’ll pull three dry leaves off the plant near the bed in Spring. Another three can be pulled off the plant near the window in Summer.
  • Find 6 fiction books / Find 3 science books / Find 3 philosophy books / Find 3 design books / Find 3 nature books: Simply ensure you interact with all books in each season.
  • Find 3 spinners: The first is in Winter next to the record player. The second is in Spring, in the bedside cabinet drawer. The third is in Summer on top of the radiator under the window.
  • Find 3 cassette tapes: The first is in Winter, on the floor hidden under wooden blocks. The second is in Spring, on the shelf above bed. The third is in Summer, in the second desk drawer
  • Collect 9 badges: There are three in Winter, Spring and Summer. You’ll find them as follows:
    • Winter: second drawer of wardrobe, windowsill under telescope, and second desk drawer
    • Spring: on pinboard above desk, in first drawer of wardrobe, and in left hand side of wardrobe attached to red sleeve
    • Summer: on window sill behind walkman, next to the right speaker, and on bed post next to skateboard)

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