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South of Midnight screen

South of Midnight’s latest trailer has made us hungry for more

Compulsion Games’ latest project has been a long time coming. Its last game was We Happy Few, released to mixed reviews back in 2018 — the same year the company was acquired by Microsoft and tucked under the Xbox Game Studios logo. Six years later, it has yet to release anything new — but the upcoming South of Midnight looks like it could be well worth the wait.

Set in the deep south of the United States, South of Midnight sports a beautiful art style that’s somewhere between stop-motion and realistic. That’s one thing that Compulsion Games’ releases have always had going for them: unique and beautiful art styles, and South of Midnight might be the most jaw-dropping of the lot of them.

You’ll play as Hazel who, after a hurricane, has become separated from her mother. But more than a simple tale of human survival, South of Midnight weaves folklore and magic together to create an adventure that looks to be something rather special. We get that right away when we first see the giant catfish that Hazel rides on the back of. He looks ferocious, but he’s a gentle giant: he appears to be Hazel’s guide as she attempts to find her mom.

There’ll be plenty of platforming, exploration and combat in South of Midnight and, thanks to some magical abilities that Hazel has up her sleeve, traversal looks to be a joy: we see her fly through the sky, trailing in the slipstream left behind by birds (or at least, that’s how it appears).

Watch the trailer for South of Midnight below:

Those magical powers of Hazel’s help her out during combat too. In the trailer, which you can watch above, we see her go toe-to-toe with an enemy. It’s hard to tell if the combat here will be true Dark Souls difficulty, but it certainly appears that well-timed attacks, dodges and parries are going to be important. What we particularly liked is that, as Hazel defeated her foe, the area they fought in becomes covered by beautiful flowers — as if defeating the evil that lurks on the land is bringing goodness back to the region.

Unfortunately, we still have a good while to wait for South of Midnight. Its release date is tentatively set for some time in 2025 — along with many other games from Xbox’s showcase including Fable and DOOM: The Dark Ages. Judging by this trailer, though, it’s going to be well worth the wait, and we’re looking forward to seeing more.

You can read more about South of Midnight on the Xbox Wire blog.

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