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Still Wakes the Deep key art

Still Wakes the Deep walkthrough: Full game guide and achievements/trophies

If you’re playing Still Wakes the Deep, you’re in for a treat. This horror-filled narrative-driven game takes you to an oil rig off the coast of Scotland. An eerie location to begin with, it takes a seriously spooky turn when some otherworldly terror is unleashed from the water. While much of Still Wakes the Deep is linear, there are some moments where we think a walkthrough will come in handy.

And so, we’ve done the hard work for you: in our Still Wakes the Deep walkthrough below, you’ll find full step-by-step on where to go and, most importantly, a breakdown of all trophies/achievements if you’re going for full completion.

Still Wakes the Deep walkthrough: Quick links

Before you start: Things to bear in mind while playing while playing Still Wakes the Deep

  • Don’t run too often. There’s a trophy/achievement for completing the game after running for less than 10 minutes (“Walking Simulator”). You’ll need to run at key moments, but try to avoid being too trigger-happy with it, particularly when underwater when it’s most tempting to give yourself a speed boost.
  • Pick up every item you come across while you make your way through. You need to pick up and throw 50 items for a trophy. When you pick up an object and throw it for the first time, you’ll notice the ‘save’ icon appear in the bottom-left corner as an indicator that you’ve thrown a new object. We got this trophy fairly easily, around half-way through the game, so there are plenty of items around.
  • The ‘Greased Scotsman’ trophy asks you to sprint in all traversal modes. It essentially means pressing the ‘run’ button when you’re swimming, climbing a ladder, walking on a ledge, etc. So ensure you do it (briefly!) in each new form of movement.


  • All Beans and Forgiveness, The Sickening of the Calm, Breathe In, Breathe Out, Repeat, Home by Christmas, Eye of the Needle, Everything Breaks, I Am the King, Compression Ignition, Into the Belly of the Beast, Surfacing, Beacon in the Dark, Treading Water, Beaufort Eleven, Leviathan, The Drowning of Davey Rennick, The Horror Sings and Completed the Game: These are all story-based, and you’ll get them simply for making your way through the game.
  • Leaning Into It – You’ll get this trophy for spotting a monster while leaning. You can lean with the shoulder buttons. We’ve noted a place in the walkthrough where you can get this.
  • Fahrenheit 0451 – Put out a fire with an extinguisher. You’ll get this as part of the story.
  • Cerebral Anoxia – This is for drowning inside the rig. We’ve noted a place in the walkthrough where you can get this.
  • Full Fathom Five – To unlock this trophy, you’ll need to fall into the sea in five different locations. Following this Still Wakes the Deep walkthrough will unlock this.
  • Clean Down – This is for listening to every optional phonecall. You’ll notice phones on the wall in many of the cabins. Sometimes, they’ll ring and you’ll have to answer. Other times, they’ll ring again as you leave a room. Be sure to listen out for them and go back to answer, but we’ve marked them in our guide.
  • Social Butterfly – Talk to everyone in the intro. Following our guide will ensure you get this trophy.
  • Snoop – This is for visiting every enterable cabin in the game. Again, following the walkthrough will ensure you unlock this trophy: you’ll get it near the end of the game.
  • Jetsam – This is for throwing a throwable into the sea. There are multiple opportunities to get it, but we’ve marked a possible location in the guide.
  • Finlay Destination – Die in all possible ways. Essentially, you need to have one of each death type: falling, drowning, dying by fire, getting electrocuted and being killed by each “monster”. We’ve noted each death in the guide.
  • Sailing By – Listen to the whole Shipping Forecast. There’s an opportunity to listen to this on a radio half-way through the game: it’s noted in the guide.
  • Greased Scotsman – Sprint in all movement modes and traversals. As we mentioned above, you’ll need to press the ‘run’ button when performing each type of movement (climbing, balancing on a beam, etc.) to unlock this.
  • Body Count – To unlock this trophy, you’ll need to find every reachable dead crew member. If you see a dead body, interact with it where possible. We’ve marked them out in the guide.
  • McLeery – Spend too much time in the shower room. You’ll get this one early on in the game, the first time you enter the shower room. It’s marked in the guide.
  • Good with the ‘Leccy – This is for using all electrical interaction types on the Beira D. Along with fixing all the electric parts as you move through the story, you’ll need to flick a lightswitch, turn on a radio, a heater and a TV. We’ve marked at least once of each in the guide.
  • Not so good with the ‘Leccy – You’ll need to die in all electrical hazards on the Beira D for this one. We’ve marked out them all as possible deaths in the guide.
  • Bheir an cuan a chuid fhéin a-mach – This is for completing the game in Scottish Gaelic: you can change the language in the options before you start.
  • Walking Simulator – To unlock this one, you need to complete the game having sprinted for less than 10 minutes. It’s not too hard to do, as long as you don’t sprint when you don’t need to.
  • Me and my Spoon – You’ll get this for finding Roy’s spoon after the sinking. It’s in his cabin, which you’ll access towards the end of the game (we’ve marked it in the walkthrough!).
  • General Strike – Throw an object at a monster. We’ve marked a place in the guide where you can get this, but there are a few different opportunities.
  • Look at all this Mess! – Pick up and throw 50 different throwables. There are lots of throwables, so plenty of opportunities to get this.

Still Wakes the Deep walkthrough: Introduction

  1. Examine the Christmas card on the desk, interact with the radio then leave the room.
  2. Go in Campbell’s cabin (107) across the hallway, then head down the stairs to look in O’Connor’s cabin (110), and Henderson (111). This is working towards the ‘Snoop’ trophy, which asks you to look in all enterable cabins.
  3. Approach Finlay on the ladder and automatically enter into a conversation.
Still Wakes the Deep Finlay on a ladder
Move up the corridor to talk to Finlay. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Cut through the shower room. Turn the light on and off. Wait in the shower room for approximately two minutes to get the McLeery trophy. Go through the door near the lockers.
  2. Turn left to enter cabin 104 (Gibson and Dobby) and 106 (Addair).
  3. Head down another small flight of stairs, then turn left to head down the stairwell to the canteen, which is on deck two.
  4. Turn right and head into the Crew Lounge. Turn on the TV.
Still Wakes the Deep lounge TV
Here’s the TV in the lounge, which you’ll need to interact with for the ‘Good with the Leccy’ trophy. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Go back out of the room and head up the corridor towards the canteen. For the ‘Social Butterfly’ trophy, make a point of talking to everyone sat at tables before talking to Roy at the food counter (you can’t talk to the table furthest away).
Still Wakes the Deep canteen
Make sure you talk to everyone in the canteen before talking to Roy. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Talk to Roy behind the counter. You’ll get the All Beans and Forgiveness trophy.
  2. Leave the canteen and turn right through the double doors that have now opened up. Open the door straight ahead to exit to the deck.
  3. Interact with the next door to head outside.


  1. Head down the stairs on your left, and just ahead is another set of stairs with someone doing some welding work. Talk to them. You’ll need to find another way down to the lower deck area.
  2. Head to the other side of the platform to find a yellow ladder to descend.
  3. Go straight ahead to go down a set of stairs, then move right to enter a caged area to go down another set of steps.
  4. Open the gate, go up the small flight of stairs and talk to the two men over the railings on the left. Keep moving left and go up the stairs right in front to talk to Roper. Walk along the railing then down the next set of stairs and follow the path around. Head towards the crew lift, and a cutscene will kick in. You’ll now unlock the Social Butterfly trophy.
  5. Head towards the yellow fuse box next to the lift and interact with it. Enter the lift and press the ‘up’ button.
Still Wakes the Deep boss's office
Head to the Installation Manager’s office, where you’ll find Rennick. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Leave the lift and head left up the stairs and through the Installation Manager’s office door to speak to your boss, Rennick.
  2. After the cutscene, go down the stairs and move forward towards the helideck. Follow the Evacuation Route around, then head up the stairs.
  3. Watch the cutscene. You’ll unlock The Sickening of the Calm trophy.
Still Wakes the Deep helicopter
You probably should have taken the helicopter while you had the chance… Screenshot: GameSpew

Under Rig

  1. Interact with the door to open it and climb up the yellow ladder. Head towards the stairs on the opposite side and move down. Interact with the Brake Lever to the side of the diving bell. Go back up the stairs and interact with the handle to control the winch.
Still Wakes the Deep under rig access gate
Head through this gate, then follow the path around. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Head right and go through the gate marked ‘Under-Rig Restricted Access’. Follow the path round, moving down two flights of stairs. (Throw yourself off here for a death: necessary for Full Fathom Five and Finlay Destination trophies)
  2. Jump over two gaps on a broken railing, then move downwards and follow the path around. Open the locked gate, then move down the stairs and walk across the beam (fall off for another death).
  3. Move forward, then towards a flaming vent (walk straight into it for another death). Use the yellow valve to turn it off and move forward. Interact with the yellow release switch to bring down a ladder. Climb up.
  4. Follow the platform around, and walk across another beam. Run and jump to reach the ladder (miss it, or fall off the ladder for a death).
Still Wakes the Deep rig jump
You’ll want to run to ensure you’ll make this jump. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Turn left at the top and climb across the “monkey bars”, then turn left. Make your way to the Engineering Access door and interact with it.

Leg C

  1. Go down the stairs and look over the bannister. Move left and go down the ladder, then go down a second ladder. There are more monkey bars to climb across here, then climb a ladder at the other side of the platform. Climb up the rungs on the wall, then shimmy across the beam to your right to reach a new platform.
  2. Head across the platform and up the small steps, where you’ll pick up a torch. Open the door. Press triangle/Y to use your torch.
  3. In the next room, move down the steps and straight down the narrow corridor.
  4. Follow the path around until you see a set of stairs. Climb up, then crouch through the new tight pathway. Crawl through the vent at the end, then turn right and interact with the next vent. Crawl through that one and keep moving forward.
  5. At the other end, pick up the helmet and throw it (working towards Look at this Mess! trophy). Make your way forward and through the door at the other end.
  6. After the conversation, turn right and head down the stairs. Follow the walkway until you reach a yellow ladder then climb up.
  7. Jump off the platform to your left, near the ‘Exit’ sign door. Move through it and follow the passageway up. Climb up the yellow ladder that drops down and pick up the hat to throw it. Go back down and keep moving forward.
Still Wakes the deep valve
Turn the valve to stop the steam, then go down the ladder to the right. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Walk into the steam for another death type. Interact with the valve to turn it off, then go down the ladder. Interact with the next valve, then go up the next ladder.
  2. Again, at the top, turn the valve, then go back down the ladder. At the bottom, turn around to find another ladder to climb up.
  3. Turn left then crouch under the debris. Interact with the ladder release switch and climb up.
  4. Turn right on the platform, then climb up the rungs on the wall to make your way upwards. On the left hand side is a narrow yellow beam to climb across. At the other side, open the door and walk through.
  5. Turn right and make your way to a yellow locker. Hide in it until it’s safe to come out then move into the water.
  6. Make your way through a series of tight squeezes, marked with yellow and black tape. You’ll also have to crouch under some pipes before climbing up a beam . Follow the yellow pipes until you see a sign saying ‘Authorised Personnel Only’.
  7. Keep following the yellow pipes until you need to dive underwater. Afterwards, you’ll be on a dry platform. Follow it around until you reach a ladder.
  8. At the top, interact with the hatch in the floor and climb down. At the bottom, head to the small gap on the left, then move to the ladder where Douglas is. Climb up.
  9. At the top, go down the small set of stairs, then down a broken walkway into the water below. go up the steps straight in front.
  10. Move forward and head up the staircase. Go up as far as you can, then open the door that leads to Accommodation. You’ll unlock the Breathe In, Breathe Out, Repeat trophy.


  1. Interact with the heater on the floor to turn it on.
  2. Open the door, then head right. There’s a ringing phone: pick it up and listen to the conversation.
  3. Go back out of the door and head to the stairwell. Head upstairs to deck 2, then move right towards the crew lounge. Open the crew lounge door and move through, towards the door at the opposite side of the room.
  4. You can’t go through, so turn around and go through the door at the right-hand side of the room. Follow the corridor around and you’ll find yourself back in the canteen.
Still Wakes the Deep towards the canteen
Follow the signs towards the canteen. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Open the door to the kitchen on the left to find Roy.
  2. After the conversation, move left to go through the crawl space into the next room, then head through the next door signposted with ‘Lifeboats’. (In the next area, move left and walk into the broken electrical light for a death).
Still Wakes the Deep destroyed corridor
Squeeze through this gap in the wreckage to progress. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Squeeze through the gap to the right and go down the stairs. (Yikes at the weird growth on the wall.) Keep moving and you’ll be forced to go through a break in the wall. Just ahead, interact with a vent and pass through to find yourself in an office. Pick up a tin of corned beef, the mug and thermos and throw them.
  2. Exit through the door into the laundry room. Throw the spanner, mug, hammer and thermos. Follow the room through and head to the door.
  3. Move right and open the door to the lifeboats.

Lifeboats Access

  1. Walk forward across the narrow walkway. Follow it around, then climb over some boxes before walking down some stairs. Keep moving forward then walk down a vent before balancing on a thin ledge. (Fall off for another death)
  2. At the other side, go down the stairs then make a big leap over to a ladder. Make your way forward, then interact with the release switch to find another ladder to climb down.
  3. You’ll now be at the lifeboats. Move around to the second lifeboat. Interact with the pins on either side holding it in place.
Still Wakes the Deep lifeboat pins
Pull out these pins at either side of the lifeboat. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Next, interact with the lever to the right of the lifeboat to release it. Oh crap. You’ll get the Home By Christmas trophy.
  2. Head up the stairs behind you, then back down to answer the ringing phone. Listen to the conversation with Rennick.
  3. Go back up the stairs and kick the door. Move forward then up the next set of stairs. Follow the path around the engine equipment until you reach the fire extinguisher. Put out the fire and you’ll unlock Fahrenheit 451 trophy. Move past the fire and up the next set of stairs and through the door.
  4. In the next room, answer the ringing phone.
  5. Go up the ladder then across the platform. Interact with the door to go back into Accommodation.


  1. Interact with the trolley to move it away from the door, then move through.
  2. (Keep walking into the weird ‘alien’ substance for another death opportunity.)
  3. Move left up the stairs, then turn right to find a hatch. Unscrew it and pass through into the next room. Climb up onto the table then into a crawl space above.
  4. Follow it around and pass over a beam. Keep moving forward through a vent and drop down into a storage area. Open the door at the other side of the room and carefully move through the laundrette area, staying out of sight of Trots. Climb into the units to avoid being seen. (Purposefully get seen by him for another death.)
Still Wakes the Deep laundrette exit
This is the exit you need to aim for in the laundrette, as you’re avoiding Trots. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. You can throw objects to distract him to enable you to sneak past and through the door labelled ‘Exit’. Time to run! Go up the stairs and through the gap in the wall. Make your way back to the kitchen through the door and the crawl space. After talking to Roy you’ll get the Eye of the Needle trophy.
  2. Head back out of the kitchen, the way you came in. In the hall, open the door leading out to the deck. Open the next door to get outside.

Deck (2nd visit)

  1. Turn left and head down, following the only viable path round until you pass through an empty shipping container. Go down a yellow ladder.
  2. On the table next to the ladder, pick up a thermos and throw it. Go down the next ladder. (Walk into the electric cables for another death.)
Still Wakes the Deep electricity switch
Interact with this switch to turn off the electricity. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Walk around to the left and interact with the lever on the wall to shut off the electric. Move past where the sparking cables were and move forward, jumping down the gap in the railings. Straight ahead, look at the body before continuing to make your way down.
  2. Squeeze past some boxes then make your way around to a shipping container. Talk to Innes.
  3. Go through the shipping container and crouch under all the rubble. Keep moving forward, running for cover straight ahead without Muir seeing you. Before moving on, be sure to look at the body.
  4. You can lean out of cover here pressing the left and right triggers here to unlock the Leaning Into It trophy. Head for the green container. Pick up the hammer and throw it to distract Muir. This is also an opportunity to hit him with a throwable to unlock the General Strike trophy. Quickly run to under the blue container.
Still Wakes the Deep Muir the Monster
Here’s Muir the Monster, who you’ll want to try hard to avoid. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. From the blue container, make your way around and run to the boxes and up through the green shipping container. Run up the green walkway, careful to not get caught (Purposefully get caught by Muir for a death). Get into the next green container without getting caught.
  2. Come out of the other side and walk across the ledge. Fall into the water here for another death (Full Fathom Five 3/5).
  3. Follow around and climb into a cabin window, then crawl through the vent inside. Look at the body as you crawl out of the other side.
Still Wakes the Deep cabin window
This is the cabin window you’ll want to scramble through, then find a vent to crawl through once inside. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Turn right, then crouch under the walkway to pass through to the other side.
  2. Move forward through the rubble then turn into the shipping containers, then crouch through the gap in the metal structure. You’ll then see Innes by the lift.
  3. Move until you reach a gap in the cargo boxes. You’ll find a hammer, spanner and a can of lubricant to toss near here.
  4. You’ll need to throw items to distract Muir to allow you to keep moving forward. From the cargo boxes, head under a gap in a broken fence, then move forward into the Cargo Hoist area. There’s a spanner to throw in here. Interact with the red button, then send the lift upwards.
Still Wakes the Deep lift controls
Push the red button to activate the lift. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Now you need to run into the crew lift. Go back under the gate then, to the left, climb up a piece of plywood acting as a ramp. Be prepared to throw items to distract Muir.
  2. From the ramp, turn left then keep running forward, finally veering left into the crew lift.
  3. (At the top of the lift, head into the sparking electricity for an electrical death). From the lift, follow the helideck sign. You’ll need to make your way around a narrow ledge, highlighted with yellow sheeting. (From the top, fall into the water for Full Fathom Five 4/5.)
Still Wakes the Deep narrow ledge
Here’s where the narrow ledge to walk across begins. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. After walking over the ledge, go up the stairs and head towards the helicopter. Well. You’ll unlock the ‘Everything Breaks’ trophy.
  2. From the helipad, our next goal is to get back inside. Head towards the orange Installation Manager’s office, and go down the yellow ladder. Go up the set of stairs and into the office.
  3. Answer the phone on the wall.
  4. There’s a letter on the table to examine, but nothing else. Go out of the opposite door and down the stairs. Go back to the office to find the phone ringing again — answer it.
  5. Go back out and down the stairs. Turn left and go through the Administration door.


  1. Once you’re in Administration, move down the corridor. Open the first door on your right and answer the phone.
  2. Go through the door on the right and grab the fire extinguisher. Put out the fire that’s outside the room.
  3. Once it’s out, crawl under the rubble, and go through the door right ahead.
  4. Go down the stairs, and interact with the filing cabinet to move it out of the way, allowing you to get into the office. The shipping forecast is playing on the radio: stay and listen to the whole thing to unlock the Sailing By trophy. Interact with the radio when it’s finished.
  5. Go through to the next room, then vault over the upturned desk. (Walk into the sparking wires for a death.)
  6. After vaulting over the desk, turn left, then jump over another upturned table on the right. There’s a body on the left to look at.
Still Wakes the Deep Cabal corridor
After vaulting over the table, make your way up this corridor. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Walk up the corridor, but then you’ll need to turn back around and run away. There’s a clear path to follow, so keep running. When you reach the end, you’ll find yourself in a bathroom.
  2. Interact with the basket to move it out of the way. You’ll need to run again, so go through the gap in the wall and follow the corridor around. You’ll be forced to turn around mid-way through, at which point you’ll fall through the floor.
  3. You appear to be safe for a second. Jump over an upturned desk, then go through into a destroyed library room. There’s a body to look at in here.
Still Wakes the Deep grotesque
Urgh. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Open the door at the other side. (Straight ahead is an electrical fault: walk into it for a death.) To continue, go through the open door into a area kitchen.
  2. Make your way through into an office, then a sitting area/office, then finally a photocopying room. You’ll be back out in a corridor. Interact with the door with a padlock to break it, then interact with the large outdoor to get back onto the deck. Open the Starboard door. You’ll get the I Am the King trophy.


    1. Make your way around the platform. Fall into the water here for a fifth water death: you should unlock the Full Fathom Five trophy.
    2. Head to the platform in front of the helicopter. Jump and grab onto the helicopter, holding on and pulling yourself up. Turn around to jump onto the next platform behind you, watching out for the helicopter blades.
    Still Wakes the Deep platform
    Jump on this platform from the helicopter, looking out for the rotating helicopter blades. Screenshot: GameSpew
    1. Jump back onto the platform and make your way around, following the path. You’ll eventually find yourself on scaffolding: climb down it, then down a set of stairs. Keep moving forward until you reach a yellow trolley filled with gas canisters.
    2. Pull the trolley forward to clear a gap, then walk back around to move past it. Keep moving forward until you reach a door.
    3. In the next room, answer the phone. Open the hatch in the floor and climb down.
    4. Interact with the locked gate to break the padlock then move down the stairs. At the bottom, push the yellow trolley filled with canisters which allows you to jump across a gap.
    Still Wakes the Deep deck
    Push this trolley forward in order to clear a pathway. Screenshot: GameSpew
    1. Go right down some stairs and pass through a blue shipping container. At the other side, climb up, then through the doors leading back inside.
    2. (Once inside, head straight into the electrocuted water for a death.)
    3. After coming through the door, climb up the ladder on the left, then interact with a switch to turn off the electricity. Go back down the ladder and move forward to make your way through the water.
    4. There’s now a gas leak: stand still for a brief while for another death. To survive, you’ll need to quickly find the valve to turn it off. Head forward onto the green walkway then around the corner and you’ll find a yellow wheel. Turn it to stop the gas.
    Still Wakes the Deep gas pipe
    You’ll find the valve to stop the gas through a doorway to the left of here. Screenshot: GameSpew
    1. Interact with the yellow trolley to move it out of the way, then go through the door to Engineering.


      1. Move forward, then open the door. On the other side, you’ll speak to Finlay.
      2. Move down the steps and move left. There are some things to pick up and throw around here.
      Still Wakes the Deep pump control door
      Here’s where you need to head to. Screenshot: GameSpew
      1. You’re heading for the Pump Control door: you’ll need to crawl under the broken door get into the room. Go through the next doorway and interact with the Protective Relay switch on the desk. There are some more throwables in this room before you leave.
      2. Go back the way you came, out of the Pump Control room. Alas: the lights will go out again. Keep moving forward to talk to Finlay again.
      3. Head up the stairs to the door labelled Mud Handling.
      4. Go through the door and interact with the valve to turn off the steam. Move forward, then climb down the ladder.
      Still Wakes the Deep biohazard
      The yellow crawlspace is just to the right of this… biohazard. Screenshot: GameSpew
      1. Crawl through the yellow gap on the right to enter a crawlspace, and keep making your way forward. There are some more things to throw in this area.
      2. At the other end, climb the ladder, then go through the Mud Handling doors.
      3. Go down the stairs and move straight forward. There are more items to throw in this area. Make your way to the far end of the room, then climb up the stairs. Go through the door, then the next door before climbing up a ladder.
      4. Make your way around the platform then go up another ladder. Crouch under the pipework and follow the platform around before climbing down another ladder. At the bottom, open the door then interact with the valve to stop the gas.
      Still Wakes the Deep valve
      Turn the valve before you can continue. Screenshot: GameSpew
      1. Move forward and open the door to the generator room.
      2. Make your way around in the next area, passing through the biohazard into an office/server room type area. Make your way through until you find a set of stairs.
      3. At this point, you’ll also see a monster (this one is Addair), so you’re going to want to watch where you’re walking. Make use of the vents and tunnels to stay out of sight. Remember you can throw objects to distract Addair. You’re heading to the generator control room. You’ll eventually reach a ladder on the far side of the room. Climb up, then up a small set of steps and through a hatch to drop into the control room.
      Still Wakes the Deep hatch
      Head down into this hatch to reach the generator controls. Screenshot: GameSpew
      1. You’ll need to push the switches inside the generator control unit in a specific order.

      How to operate the generator controls in Still Wakes the Deep

      Once you reach the generator controls, you’ll have five buttons to press. Fail to press them in the right order, however, and nothing will happen. They’ve supposedly been labelled with numbers, but many of the labels have come off.

      Here’s the order to push the switches in:

      1. Engineering
      2. Processing
      3. Administration
      4. Deck
      5. Accommodation

      1. You’ll talk to Finlay again. Pick up a key from the wall behind you, then crawl through the vent to leave the control room.
      2. Head down the stairs then interact with the yellow machine just in front of you to start the generator. You’ll get the Compression Ignition trophy.
      Still Wakes the Deep machinery
      Interact with the generator to power it up. Screenshot: GameSpew
      1. Looks like it’s time to run/sneak again. Head back to Mud Handling: head up the stairs, then take cover inside the vents. You’re essentially heading back where you’ve come from, but this time you’ll need to take frequent cover.
      2. Once you’re through the door (and it’s firmly locked behind you), move forward then go up the ladder. Pass back through the walkway and down another ladder at the other side. Head forward, then down another ladder. Go through the door, then down the stairs. On the floor, make your way to the left side of the room, then interact with the yellow switch on the wall.
      Still Wakes the Deep fuse box
      Interact with the switch on the wall to replace a fuse. Screenshot: GameSpew
      1. Interact with the door with the padlock, and get ready to run. Move forward up the next set of stairs and through the door. Go through a vent, then walk across a narrow platform before reaching another padlocked door.
      2. Go through a door and down a ladder. In the next area, be careful: Addair is waiting for you. Sneak to the right and into a vent to hide. You can once again try and distract him with throwables.
      3. You need to make your way back into the control room (crawl under the broken door). Once you’re in there, pull the switch to turn on the lights. You’ll unlock the Into Belly of the Beast trophy.
      Still Wakes the Deep control room
      The control room where you’ll need to turn on the lights. Screenshot: GameSpew
      1. Answer the phone: it’s in the next room.
      2. Go through the door next to the phone, then walk down the corridor to the ladder. Climb down.
      3. Move forward to the door that leads to the pontoons. Exit the area.

      Leg A

      1. Go down the steps then move right to pick up the fire extinguisher. Move to the other side of the platform and put out the fire.
      2. Once it’s out, climb down the ladder.
      Still Wakes the Deep Leg A
      The yellow pipe you need to make your way across. Screenshot: GameSpew
      1. Move right, and climb across the yellow pipe. Jump over to the other side when prompted, then move along the platform. Interact with the counter weight control to bring the weight down, then jump across. Go down the ladder.
      2. At the bottom, once again interact with the counter controls (press down), then move across.
      3. Walk along the platform and go up the ladder to look at the body at the top. Come back down.
      4. You need to jump over to the dangling canister in the middle, then jump across onto the rungs on the opposite wall.
      Still Wakes the Deep dangling canister
      You’ll need to do a running jump to make your way over to the suspended canister. Screenshot: GameSpew
      1. Climb down and, just before you reach the bottom, there’s a platform to reach on your right. Pull yourself up.
      2. Interact with the valve to stop the fire, then move forward. Go down the ladder.
      3. Interact with the counter weight control: it seems to have broken. Walk across the yellow pipe to reach the other side. Keep going, past the fire, then climb up the ladder. Interact with the yellow fuse box.
      Still Wakes the Deep counter weight fuse box
      Interact with the counter weight fuse box to get them working again. Screenshot: GameSpew
      1. Now, move back down the ladder and back across the yellow pipe. Try the counter weight control again. It should work this time. Press it once, and it’ll stop half-way. Press it again, and jump on top as it’s moving down to reach the platform below.
      2. Climb down the ladder, then move forward to climb down another ladder, and another.
      3. Make your way around the platform until you reach the controls. Remove the yellow safety pin, then activate the winch. You’ll talk to Brodie now. He tells you to head to Leg B.
      Still Wakes the Deep Leg B
      Head in the dark water towards the Leg B signage. Screenshot: GameSpew
      1. Head into the water and swim towards the Leg B signs. (If you haven’t yet got the Cerebral Anoxia trophy, you can stay underwater for around a minute to drown here. It’s also worth looking around underwater as there are some bodies under here: you’ll need to look at them for the Body Count trophy.)
      2. Once you’re at the other side, climb up the ladder then head up the stairs. Go through the door that leads to the pontoons.
      3. Head down the stairs. At the bottom, head straight forward into the water. Veer left onto a platform. Interact with the valve, which will open a large door in front. Head through it.
      Still Wakes the Deep Leg B valve
      Turn this valve to open the large green door behind. Screenshot: GameSpew
      1. You’re going to have to swim underwater for a while, and you don’t get a great deal of time to get where you need to go. Stay close to the floor, and you can thrust yourself forwards by pressing X/A.
      2. Once you’re out, climb up on to the platform to your left and move forward and up the stairs. Walk across, look at the door, then walk down the other side. Interact with the Debris Screen Control door and pass through.
      Still Wakes the Deep screenshot
      Head into the Debris Screen Control area to find a lever to pull. Screenshot: GameSpew
      1. Pull the lever inside, then go back out of the door and hop into the vent on the ground.
      2. You’re going to move fast through a pipe underwater. At the other end, grab onto a ladder and haul yourself out. Make your way around the platform: the room is going to flood at this point, so swim upwards to the top of the water. Pass through a yellow hole, then keep moving forward until you can swim above the surface. Find the ladder to climb out, then head to the door.
      Still Wakes the Deep underwater hole
      Here’s the hole to pass through under the water. Screenshot: GameSpew
      1. Go through the door, then move along the platform. Where it’s broken, head into the water. Where the wall is broken, swim under to come out on the other side. Climb up onto the platform to go through the door on the opposite side.
      2. Through the door, head down the stairwell then follow the platform around.
      3. You’ll find O’Connor at the other side: you’ll need to be ready for a quick time event to escape him (fail for a death). Head up the stairs to his right to continue, and be prepared to press square/X to escape one more time.
      4. Head through a door then down a set of stairs. At the bottom, climb over a yellow beam, then interact with the machine. Pull out the pin, then pull the release lever.
        Still Wakes the Deep pin
        Here’s the pin that you need to pull out in order to release the weight. Screenshot: GameSpew
        1. Move forward, past the oil spill, and out onto the platform at the other side. Climb the stairs and interact with the elevator controls. Climb in, then press the controls again. You’ll unlock the Surfacing trophy.
        2. At the top, go through the door into Accommodation.

        Accommodation (2nd visit)

        1. Enter into the corridor and follow it around into the locker room. Near the opposite door, you’ll find a heater. Use it to warm up.
        2. Interact with the phone, on the wall to the right. Speak with Roy.
        3. Go through the door on the left, but then enter the room again to answer the phone. Go back out, and make your way around the platform and down the stairs. Climb down another flight of stairs, then jump onto the floor below.
        Still Wakes the Deep oil spills
        Walk under these oil spills, and keep moving forward. Screenshot: GameSpew
        1. Walk down the walkway, under the oil spills, then climb up on the other side. Go through the gate to the Processing Quad and move all the way forward to examine the fire. Turn back around to make your way up the stairwell. At the top, climb the ladder.
        2. You’ll meet Brodie at the top. Enter his cabin, and once you’ve spoken to him, leave the way you came in. From the door, turn right and jump over the broken walkway.
        Still Wakes the Deep broken walkway
        Jump over here after speaking to Brodie. Screenshot: GameSpew

        Processing Quad

        1. Move left down the walkway and enter the cabin on your left. Crawl through the vent, then crawl through the pipes. At the other end, climb up the small set of stairs, then balance on the narrow beam.
        2. Keep making your way around, and balance on another tight ledge. Keep moving and enter the lift.
        Still Wakes the Deep lift
        Enter the lift, and be prepared to be pursued about Addair. Screenshot: GameSpew
        1. Inside the lift, interact with the controls — halfway down, it gets stuck. You’ll be pursued by Addair: wait until he leaves then climb up.
        2. (If you’ve not got it yet, there are some more throwable items here: launch one into the sea to unlock the Jetsam trophy).
        3. Head right, and make your way to a small ledge. Follow the path around, crouching where necessary and throwing objects to distract Addair.
        4. Your path is blocked by flames, so make your way to the other side to find a valve. Turn it, then go back to pass by where the fire was.
        Still Wakes the Deep fire
        You’ll find the valve to stop the fire to the right of here. Screenshot: GameSpew
        1. Run towards the Flame Stack door, and crawl through the vent next to the door. Interact with the valve, and you’ll talk to Brodie again. Climb down the ladder just behind you.
        2. Interact with the padlocked door to break it open, then move forward towards the stack. You’re going to have to run! Keep moving forward, dodging obstacles and taking the stairs off to the side where a door is blocked.
        3. At the end, you’ll need to throw a flare at the stack. You’ll unlock the Beacon in the Dark trophy. Make your way back the way you came.
        4. After the cutscene, you’ll find yourself on a precarious platform. Make your way across it, then walk across a beam. Move up the stairs, then down the other side. Balance on the yellow beam, then up the stairs on the other side.
          Still Wakes the Deep broken walkways
          Here’s the pipe you need to walk across. Watch out for the monstrous matter as you move around here. Screenshot: GameSpew
          1. Break the padlock on the gate and pass through, then go down the stairs. Keep following it around until you reach the stairs on the other side. Keep making your way up. At the top, keep moving forward.
          2. Move past the boxes, then climb across the monkey bars and, when you reach the end, climb down the ladder on the left. Enter through the door to head to Engineering.

          Engineering (2nd visit)

          1. Go through the door and make your way down the corridor.
          2. There’s a note to read at the end of the corridor. Head down the stairs to your right and enter the water.
          3. Follow the corridor down, and climb the steps at the other end. Go through the door leading to Gas Separation. You’ll talk to Finlay and Brodie at the other side.
          4. After you’ve spoken to them, head into the water and dive under the machinery and… biomatter. Climb out the ladder at the other side to get your breath, then dive back under to the left hand side. Swim to the bottom and grip onto the floor to propel yourself forward against the current of the water.
          Underwater Still Wakes the Deep
          Propel yourself underwater by holding onto the railings on the floor. You’re aiming for the ladder. Screenshot: GameSpew
          1. Climb out of the ladder at the other side.
          2. Drop back into the water and you’ll be propelled forward. Make your way around and remember to go to the surface to catch your breath (If you’re going for all achievements, remember not to sprint too much underwater. You can generally reach the surface in most areas, so just take it slow and go to get air regularly.). You’ll eventually find a yellow ladder. Climb out.
          3. Once you’re out, make your way upwards, using yellow rails to climb up.
          Still Wakes the Deep keep climbing up yellow rails
          Keep climbing up the yellow rails to get as high as you can. Screenshot: GameSpew
          1. You’ll eventually reach a small hatch. Climb through. Straight ahead is an electrical spark. (Walk into it for an electrical death.) Head right and into the water. Follow the yellow cable on the floor and climb out at the other side. Follow the walkway around, eventually dropping back into the water.
          2. Keep swimming forward. You’ll need to swim under some objects, so you might have to swim faster as there’s less opportunity to get your breath at this point. Pass down a tight passageway between some pipes, then at the other side you should be able to come up to the surface.
          3. From the platform, jump across the water to the other side, then use the yellow railings to climb up the wall.
          4. At the top, leap over to the other side: You’ll fall into the water.
          Still Wakes the Deep ladder
          Jump over to grab onto the yellow railings, and you’ll automatically fall into the water. Screenshot: GameSpew
          1. Keep swimming upwards towards the surface. When you reach it, climb up some yellow railings and then through a doorway.
          2. Follow the corridor around, then go through the door to accommodation. You’ll get the Treading Water trophy.

          Accommodation (3rd visit)

          1. Once in accommodation, use the heater on the floor to warm yourself up. Move through the door and head towards the padlocked door. Interact with it to break it and head forwards. The phone behind you will start ringing, so head back to pick it up.
          2. Head back left and enter the Crew Lounge. Make your way across to the door on the other side.
          Still Wakes the Deep crew lounge
          The crew lounge is looking rather different… make your way through to the next door. Screenshot: GameSpew
          1. In the bathroom, look at the body, then crouch through the destroyed toilet cubicles to reach the other side. Climb up through the vent on the wall, then move right and climb up onto the next level. Open the door to find yourself in Accommodation.
          2. Follow the corridor around: Just before you reach the grotesque body, there’s a vent to your right to crawl through. You’ll find yourself in the shower room. Make your way through, and climb up into another vent. Follow it around and you’ll find a small entryway where you can squeeze through some pipework. Keep going until you find a hole in the floor to drop down.
          Still Wakes the Deep hole in the floor
          Drop down this hole in the ceiling to reach the floor below. Screenshot: GameSpew
          1. Beware: There’s a beast after you, so run into the cabin directly in front of you. Look at the body.
          2. Climb up into another vent, move through it and drop down into another cabin. Examine the bodies, then open the door.
          3. Wait for Trots to move past, then sneak out and crawl under the door just ahead on the right.
          4. You’re in another toilet block. Note the body in the cubicle. At the other side is a yellow vent to unscrew. Climb through it, then leave through the high vent by climbing up on the washing basket. Trots will follow you through here, so move quickly to the exit on the other side. Drop down into another cabin and examine the body.
          5. Go through the door and turn right. Go through an open door on your right, leading into a partially-flooded cabin.
          Still Wakes the Deep flooded corridor
          Head through this door to reach a partially-flooded cabin. Screenshot: GameSpew
          1. From there, go through the vent on the floor. You’ll unlock the Snoop trophy here. Pick up Roy’s insulin on the desk in this room. Turn around and look at the green chair at the side of the bed. Crouch down to find a spoon on the chair. You’ll unlock the Me and My Spoon trophy. Leave by crawling into the vent next to the desk.
          2. Turn right and head for the stairs leading to the roof. Open the door to exit accommodation. You’ll unlock the Beaufort Eleven trophy.


          1. Move forward and follow the path around. You’ll climb up some steps then down another small set until you eventually reach a cabin. Enter to find Roy inside.
          2. After the cutscene, answer the phone.
          3. Head out of the door then down the stairs. Keep moving forward through the rubble, then climb up onto a box and up onto yellow railings. Shimmy along until you can hoist yourself up. Climb up a yellow ladder, then move forward. Now you need to jump across to the stack.
          Still Wakes the Deep strutting platform
          You need to jump over onto this very precarious-looking walkway. Screenshot: GameSpew
          1. Make your way up the walkway, using the monkey bars to move forward, then balancing on its outer ledge. Once you reach the end, you’ll need to jump over a gap. Time it well, as your platform is moving around, so wait until they’re lined up.
          2. Walk forward, then keep making your way through the rubble. Climb down a gap in the floor to reach Marine Control.

          Marine Control

          1. Interact with the desk, then go through the door into the office to use the phone.
          2. You need to find the Ballast Control. Go back out into the other room, and it’s just to your left. But it’s locked: we need to find a key.
          Still Wakes the Deep controls
          Here’s the Ballast Control, but it’s locked. Screenshot: GameSpew
          1. Go back to the phone to speak to Finlay. It’s in Roper’s hand. Grab it, then unlock the control box. Interact with the lever, then go back to the phone.
          2. Go back out into the other room and interact with the front desk, on the control panel labelled ‘Forward Pontoon’. You’ll unlock the Leviathan trophy.
          Forward Pontoon controls Still Wakes the Deep
          Interact with the section of controls labelled ‘Forward Pontoon’. Screenshot: GameSpew
          1. Move away from the phone and be prepared to escape from Roper (let him kill you for another death). Head for the door leading into the small kitchen, then go through the next door.
          2. Head down the stairs all the way to the bottom, opening a door then passing through another. Head right towards Drill Ops.
          3. You’ll be forced underwater before you reach the ‘Exit’ door, so let the current take you until you can climb out of the other side. Move forward, and follow the corridor around until you find a door to a stairwell.
          Still Wakes the Deep terrifying corridor
          Make your way down this corridor. Screenshot: GameSpew
          1. Climb up the stairs: the water level will rise as you keep going, so you might need to swim. At the top, open the door and move forward along the corridor, again chasing the water. You will need to swim here.
          2. Eventually you’ll reach a vent in the ceiling. Swim up through it to catch your breath, then duck back down to keep moving forward again. Again, you’ll reach another vent. Catch your breath before ducking back down.
          3. This time, turn right at the ‘Exit’ sign and swim forward through the biomatter. Swim upwards when you can, then hoist yourself out of the water.
          Still Wakes the Deep office remains
          After coming out of the water, head through this doorway to find yourself in an office. Screenshot: GameSpew
          1. Go through to the next room, and answer the phone.
          2. Go forward through the next door, and keep making your way forward. Move right down the corridor, then right again up some steps. Keep moving forward, and you’ll be thrust underwater, taken by the current. Swim upwards as soon as you can to get your breath, then climb out of a ladder.
          3. Move through a door leading to a stairwell then go up the stairs. Open the door at the top, then move forward, following the corridor around.
          4. Rennick will start chasing you. (Let him catch you for a final death —you should unlock the Finlay Destination trophy here). Keep moving forward. Eventually you’ll need to swim underwater. Once you reach a stairwell, you should be able to swim up for air. You’ll unlock the Drowning of Davey Rennick trophy here.
          5. Climb up the stairs and through the door leading to Drill Ops. Leave through the next door.

          Drill Operations

          1. In the next area, move forward and take the phone from Finlay.
            After the cutscene, go through the door after Finlay and follow the corridor down. Open the door leading to the deck, then climb up onto the containers in order to climb over the fence.
          Still Wakes the Deep climb the ledge
          Climb up onto the boxes on the left, then over the fence. Screenshot: GameSpew
          1. Follow the walkway around until you see Finlay descend on the lift then go down the stairs. Keep making your way down, then when you reach the bottom, head across the deck.
          2. Watch out for moving containers as you make your way towards Finlay. Talk to her in the rubble, then take her lighter. You should unlock the Body Count trophy at this point.
          3. Climb up towards the… thing and keep moving forward. You’ll unlock the The Horror Sings trophy here.
          Still Wakes the Deep the horrifying thing
          Head towards this horror to wrap up your time with Still Wakes the Deep. Screenshot: GameSpew
          1. Walk to the edge of the platform, then drop your lighter down into the centre.
          2. After the cutscene, look around the room then interact with the bedroom door.
          3. That’s it. You’ve completed Still Wakes the Deep. After the credits, you’ll get the Still Wakes the Deep trophy. And if you’ve managed not to run for more than 10 minutes you’ll get the Walking Simulator trophy.

          We hope you’ve found our Still Wakes the Deep walkthrough helpful — and hopefully you’ve enjoyed the game. You can see what we thought of the game by reading our review.

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