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Still Wakes the Deep, a door with beans against the window.

Still Wakes the Deep’s biggest horror is its baked beans

Still Wakes the Deep isn’t short on horror. As if being stuck on an oil rig wasn’t unsettling enough, a new terror emerges, twisting your former workmates. But with all these nightmares, the one thing we can’t get over is Still Wakes the Deep’s baked beans.

If you rushed through Still Wakes the Deep, you may have missed out on them, as well as other things. Before everything goes to hell you can talk to colleagues, snoop around cabins (there’s an achievement for doing just that), talk to and stare, unblinkingly, at someone in the shower. You know, normal stuff like that.

We were determined not to rush our adventure. That’s why, when we were told to report to report to our boss, we decided to stick around a little longer. That’s when we saw The Beans from Out of Space, a side dish so horrifying it must have been cooked up by Cthulhu.

Still Wakes the Deep, beans in a canteen, with a clearly 2D texture.
Screenshot: GameSpew

You’re safe to cast your eyes over that screenshot, it’s only in-game that it invites madness. But, in case it’s not immediately clear, those beans are clearly a 2D texture. The other items in the canteen just about get away with it. But once you see those flat baked beans, you can never unsee them.

It’s a sight that left us with so many questions. Was this another example of the rig’s boss, Rennick, cutting corners, using a decal so he could pretend the canteen had beans? What was going on with the other tub of beans, the one with the ladle in? Was it clipping through the beans or had someone cut it in half?

What if you actually wanted beans? Would the chef his roll his eyes at you and tut or would he slap a sticker on your plate? There are ‘beans’ on a couple of plates in Still Wakes the Deep’s rig canteen, but they’re similarly 2D and we didn’t see anyone eating them.

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Are we making too much of this? Probably, and we feel faintly guilty that, while Still Wakes the Deep is a superb game, its 2D beans are occupying as much of our brain-space as its monsters. But while we’ve never run into an otherworldly nightmare that warps all those it touches, we do know what baked beans look like. Our brains refused to reconcile their real-world beany goodness with Still Wakes the Deep’s flat, orange abominations.

If you’re willing to brave Still Wakes the Deep’s Lovecraftian legumes, it’s out on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. It’s also available on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

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