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Super Farming Boy

Super Farming Boy is a super fun time

When it was announced back in March, I knew straight away that Super Farming Boy was going to be my jam. After spending some time with its Steam Next Fest demo, it seems I was very much correct. This fast-paced arcade farming simulator is delightfully good fun, putting a twist on the usual slow-paced farming sim that constantly keeps you on your toes.

Super Farming Boy starts with a tragedy. All of Super’s powers have been taken by the evil Korpo, but worst of all, his mum has been taken too. He’s left with no choice but to work to get her back. By earning money each day you’ll be able to buy back your abilities — which allow you to dig up rogue stones, get rid of weeds, water plants, and even fly — although of course your overall goal here is to get back your mum.

The demo didn’t let me get that far, of course, but it introduced me to the general gameplay loop. If you’ve played anything like Story of Seasons or any farming simulator in that vein, it’ll feel somewhat familiar. Dig up the ground, plant a seed, water your crop and wait for it to grow. There’s one very important difference here, though: Super Farming Boy is all about chaining together combos. Chain together harvesting crops, and you’ll earn big bucks — and with the evil Korpo to pay off, the more money, the better.

Super Farming Boy screenshot
Image: LemonChili Soft

To pull off combos, you’ll need to think carefully about where you plant a crop. Each type of crop has a unique combo pattern: maybe it’ll affect the plant to the right of it, or maybe the ones above and below. So to chain together the biggest number of crops, you’ll need to have been strategic with your planting — and have chosen the right starting point when harvesting. Getting a good combo feels seriously satisfying.

To keep things moving along swiftly, you don’t need to worry about changing tools here, which I really appreciate. Simply interact with a crop, or a rock, or a weed, and Super will automatically perform the right action. It means you can focus on the tasks at hand without wasting time scrolling through your inventory; a small change from the norm, but a seriously welcome one.

Super Farming Boy screenshot
Image: LemonChili Soft

That’s not all there is to Super Farming Boy, of course. Outside of your farm there’s a town to explore. I’ve been able to check out a food shop — to keep your energy replenished when working your fields — and a seed shop, but there are plenty more buildings unavailable in the demo. Even in the demo, though, it’s worth wandering around town: I’ve found plenty of rogue crops — yes, they’re alive and moving around — that I’ve been able to plant without the need to buy them.

There is no release date for Super Farming Boy just yet — it’s simply “coming soon” — but needless to say, this is going to feature high on my most wanted list. If you like farming sims and fancy trying one with a fun twist, I’d urge you to try out the demo.

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