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Teardown’s ‘Folkrace’ racing expansion deserves to be its own game

Teardown is a great game. We’ve covered it numerous times already, on console and PC, and praised its heisting antics that are bolstered by the sheer amount of destruction on offer thanks to the game’s voxel-created world. Now it has a racing-themed expansion called Folkrace. And you know what? It’s also rather good. So good, in fact, that we wish it was its own game.

In Teardown Folkrace, you receive a message on your phone inviting you to take part in a new racing league that’s been set up. It’s an offer that’s too good to miss, so of course you shut up your shop and head straight to the garage that will serve as the base of your racing operations. One powered-up PC later and you’re ready to go, with a starter car kindly gifted to you.

The actual racing career on offer in Teardown reminds us very much of that found in Wreckfest. There are a number of series to work though, each filled with events ranging from straight-up races to destruction derbies. No matter what event you’re in, however, should your vehicle be destroyed, you’re out.

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Image: Tuxedo Labs

As you complete events you earn stars, which in turn unlock more events as well as vehicles for you to purchase. Your vehicles can also be upgraded and reskinned should you have the money. Thankfully, cash is earned not only by racing, but also completing a range of missions that are made available to you. So, if you want a break from racing around tracks, you can head into a sandbox-like environment instead to complete tasks such as destroying vending machines by shredding them.

Of course, destruction still lies at the heart of the experience, even though your vehicle being destroyed in the heat of an event is never a good thing. Every track and derby area is littered with objects for you to smash, and sometimes you can create your own shortcuts if you dare to take a chance – you might be able to drive straight through a house instead of around it, for example. And so every event will be a joy for those who like to witness chaos.

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Image: Tuxedo Labs

Given how much fun Folkrace is, and that it’s a mode separate to the main campaign of Teardown, it’s just a shame that it isn’t available on its own. If you own Teardown, the expansion can be bought for just $6.49/$7.99. It’s also a part of the game’s season pass. While it may not be as fully featured as many racing games out there, we reckon Folkrace would do pretty well if it was available as a game in its own right.

Still, if you own Teardown, or have access to it via a service such as PS Plus Extra which it’s currently a part of, we very much recommend picking up Folkrace if you’re into destruction-filled racing games.

Teardown, and the Folkrace expansion, is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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