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Little Friends Dogs and Cats

The best pet simulator games to play right now

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Pets are great. They deal out endless affection, unconditional love and they’re often the best cuddlers. They’re also hard work. Trust us: we’ve got two cats and a dog. Sometimes, then, a virtual pet is the best answer: they might not be able to hug you back, but you can have fun petting and playing with them. And so, we’ve rounded up the best pet simulator games to play right now.

Alarmingly, there aren’t many pet simulator games around. Gone are the days of Nintendogs and Catz (oh, remember Catz and Dogz?) and sadly, not much else has come along to replace them. Thankfully, there are some pet simulator games out there, and we’ve rounded up the best of them right here.

1. Wobbledogs

Image: Secret Mode
  • Wobbledogs is available on Switch and PC.

Of all the pet simulator games on this list, Wobbledogs is the most like the classic pet sims we remember from our youth. There’s one key difference, though: the pets here, the titular Wobbledogs, aren’t quite like regular pets. They’re very wobbly, for one, with bendy legs and cuboid bodies. They are still ridiculously cute though, with many dog-like mannerisms that us animal lovers will lap up.

You can pet and play with your wobbledogs, and you can also breed them to create new dogs in a variety of colours. Be warned, though: by default, a mechanic is turned on that allows your wobbledogs to die, leaving nothing but a pile of bones on the screen. It’s rather distressing, even if it is humorously presented, so you might want to turn that off.

2. Little Friends: Dogs & Cats

Little Friends Cats & Dogs (1)
Image: Fireshine Games
  • Little Friends: Dogs & Cats is available on Switch.

This adorable Switch-exclusive title is one for those who want a more realistic pet experience. Little Friends: Dogs & Cats allows you to have up to three pets at once, with a range of different dog and cat breeds available. You’ll play with them, pet them, take them out for walks and even engage in activities like a frisbee tournament.

You can adopt a Labrador, a French Bulldog and Chihuahua and others, and each different pet has its own unique personality. Just like the real thing. You can dress them up in various accessories, too, if that’s the sort of thing you’re into. Behaviour that would never fly with our real-life cats and dog, it must be said.

3. Weyrdlets

Weyrdlets screenshot
Image: Weyrdworks

Weyrdlets is a weird one. Coming soon to PC, there’s a free demo available now which has given us a good taste of what to expect. Forget about looking after real-life Earth pets in this one: Weyrdlets are chubby little monsters. They’re just as adorable as digital dogs, it must be said, but don’t quite behave in the same way.

You can pet and play with your Weyrdlets, but this pet simulator is more of a passive experience than most. You’ll need to feed them and keep them in good health, sure, but much of the time they’re simply… there. You can send your pet off on adventures to find goodies, or simply leave them to their own devices on their home island. The good news, though, is that Weyrdlets will be free-to-play, so it’s worth taking a look at.

4. Best Friend Forever

Best Friend Forever
Image: Starcolt/Alliance
  • Best Friend Forever is available on Switch and PC.

Best Friend Forever is an adorable addition to our list of pet simulator games — but it’s technically more than just a pet sim. You see, along with adopting a pet, Best Friend Forever has you trying to find a date. That’s right: it’s a pet sim and a dating sim in one. Huh.

After moving to the new town of Rainbow Bay, it becomes apparent that just about everyone owns a dog. Not one to be left out, you jump into the trend, adopting your new best friend from the local shelter. You can choose from a variety, each having their own quirks and personalities. There are lots of things for you and your pup to do together — you’ll have quite the packed schedule, in fact, from coffee dates to parties. There’s still plenty of opportunity to simply pet your dog, care for him and, er, clean up his poo.

5. Animal Shelter Simulator

Animal Shelter Simulator
Image: Games Incubator
  • Animal Shelter Simulator is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

There’s a lot to do in Animal Shelter Simulator. As you might’ve guessed from the name, this isn’t a game simply about having a pet. Rather, it’s about running a shelter, taking in animals in need, and ensuring their wellbeing. There’s plenty of opportunity to play with dogs and cats, but you’ll also need to nurse them into good health, provide a good environment for them and, ultimately, find them a new home.

It’s more rewarding than your typical pet simulator game, then, but it’s also much more hands-on. Running a shelter means buying items, arranging everything, and ensuring everything is in tip-top shape. Finding the best owners also involves work, too — you don’t want to send your cherished animals to go live with just anyone, after all.

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