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A composite image of dust Fortnite background, the robot Box from Logan's Run and a Tesla Cybertruck.

The Tesla Cybertruck could be coming to Fortnite

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A new Fortnite collab is on the way, according to a recent leak. After Family Guy, Star Wars and John Wick, Fortnite is getting… the Tesla Cybertruck.

According to leaker iFireMonkey, Fortnite’s next crossover is with Elon Musk’s curiously angular and frequently mocked vehicle, the Tesla Cybertruck. iFireMonkey has proven reliable in the past, leaking such collabs as the Travis Scott crossover and concert. So, absurd as this sounds, we doubt they’re just straight up trolling.

According to the leak, the ‘Tesla Cybertruck Bundle’ will include the following:

  • Double Agent Hush Outfit
  • Double Agent Stripe Back Bling
  • Double Agent Wildcard Outfit
  • Double Agent Hard Case Back Bling

We’re struggling to imagine how you’d turn the Tesla Cybertruck into an outfit without it looking even more ridiculous. We’re picturing a slightly more mobile version of Box, the homicidal, fish-obsessed robot from Logan’s Run.

Given that this content sounds like an advertisement for the Tesla Cybertruck, you might expect it to be free, but we doubt that’ll be the case. The kind of people who own or yearn to own this vehicle would think nothing about paying £15 for an in-game Cybertruck backpack.

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That’s not to say this collab will stop at outfits. Fortnite has cars dotted around its Battle Royale levels, so we’ve got our fingers crossed that Epic Games swaps one or more out for a Tesla Cybertruck. Why? Because as humiliating digital defeats go, getting mown down by an Elon Musk-approved vehicle is hard to beat.

The leak itself will have been mined from within Fortnite so, if true, the Tesla Cybertruck Bundle could still be months away. But if you’ve a taste for wedges-on-wheels, keep an eye on Fortnite.

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