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Ultimate Swing Golf, a view of a golf couse in VR, with the ball near the hole.

Ultimate Swing Golf VR is a hole in one for Everybody’s Golf fans

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Remember Everybody’s Golf? Clap Hanz should, they’re the developer that made it. And now they’ve brought it to Meta Quest 2, minus the name, as Ultimate Swing Golf.

LIke Everybody’s Golf, Ultimate Swing Golf is not heavy on realism — sheer entertainment is the focus here. And it took us a couple of turns, wondering why our club passed through the ball, to get that there is a slightly arcadey element. But once we got into the swing of things (sorry) we couldn’t put it down.

It’s a little frustrating that Ultimate Swing Golf makes you work to unlock courses, particularly given the game’s $30 asking price. Keep swinging, however, and you’ll be well on your way to the next golfing locale.

Yes, you’ll end up in the rough or, worse still, the water, but it’s hard to blame the game for that. The physics feel slightly light, but not to the point where we weren’t in control. Whacking the ball feels supremely satisfying, even if we did overshoot once or twice while playing.

Ultimate Swing Golf, a player swinging a golf club with a cliff in the background.
Image: Clap Hanz

And, with practice, we were able to improve our swing, even if we were slightly creeped out by how many people turned out to watch us (you can’t disable spectators). Putting is just as much as fun — even more so if you play in augmented reality mode.

Sadly, due to the limitations of the Meta Quest 2, you can’t have full-colour passthrough, but putting an imaginary golf ball into an equally imaginary hole, while our cat watched, bemused, was a joy all in itself.

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That said, we did draw a blank on the online mode. We tried getting a game at a couple of times of day but gave up after about 10 minutes of waiting. If you can find a few fellow Quest 2 owners to participate ahead of time, you’ll have better luck. And while the game teleports/repositions you after each swing, we’d have loved to be able to have a chilled out walk to the next hole.

If you’re not looking for a seriously hardcore golfing experience, Clap Hanz’ latest will leave you grinning. Just watch where you swing – we’ve got a couple of upended tables that can attest to how well Ultimate Swing Golf sucked us in.

Ultimate Swing Golf is available on Meta Quest 2, priced at $29.99.

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