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Diablo 4 loot reborn

We really want these three Diablo 3 features in Diablo 4

We absolutely love Diablo 4, especially so now that its loot system has been revamped for Season 4. And so, it should come as no surprise that Diablo 3 is now pretty much dead to us. It’s a shame, as after a rough start Diablo 3 eventually became something special indeed. But Diablo 4, with its darker visuals, vast open world and enhanced character building has essentially made it redundant.

There are some features of Diablo 3 that haven’t made it over to Diablo 4 that we miss, however. And while they ultimately aren’t all that important, they’d certainly improve our experience if they returned. so, what are these features? We’ve laid them all out below.

1. The Nemesis system

Exclusive to the console version of Diablo 3, the Nemesis system results in a fearsome demon invading a friend’s game if you meet your untimely demise. Your friend then has a chance of avenging your death, gaining rewards for killing the demon.

Two things really make the Nemesis system stand out for us: first is the warning you receive that a Nemesis is about to appear – the sound of horns plus the controller rumbling. It’s enough to put you on edge, as the Nemesis really isn’t an enemy to be trifled with. The second is the fact that should you fail to kill the Nemesis, it will grow in power and then invade another friend’s game.

The closest thing to the Nemesis in Diablo 4 at the moment is the Butcher, who simply has a random chance of appearing whenever you enter a dungeon or cellar. We’d love it if the Nemesis system made its way to Diablo 4, though, as it adds yet more unpredictably to the game, and yet another opportunity for valuable loot.

2. Gifts

Given Diablo 4’s live-service, always-online nature, we’re really surprised this feature from Diablo 3 hasn’t been brought back yet. Gifts are yet another console-only Diablo 3 feature, with players occasionally finding unidentified items that are useless to them but can be mailed to friends as a nice present.

The Gifts system isn’t all that impactful, but who doesn’t like signing into a game to find that they have a gift or two waiting for them. The items received are sometimes pretty good, too. But of course, this is Diablo, so RNG is involved. Regardless, it would ne nice to be able to randomly gift things to friends, or even perhaps strangers. Imagine making someone’s day in Diablo 4 with them signing in to discover that someone has gifted them a Harlequin Crest. We’d certainly be thrilled.

3. The Wardrobe

Okay, so Diablo 4 does already have a wardrobe feature, but it just doesn’t have quite the same functionality as it does in Diablo 3. While in Diablo 4 you can visit the wardrobe to change your appearance as well select your tombstone and portal designs, in Diablo 3 it can also be used to save various loadouts.

You know what it’s like: after playing with a character for so long so start to wonder if a different build would be better. The wardrobe in Diablo 3 makes it easy to set up multiple builds or simply different gear loadouts, which you can then quickly switch between. Needless to say, it’s very handy indeed.

The skill and paragon systems in Diablo 4 understandably make this loadout feature a bit tricky to implement, as there’s a cost involved in making changes. It’s not impossible, though, and some players would be happy to part with their gold in order to be able to quickly change their build every once in a while.

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