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Pokémon meets auto-battler in Yaoling: Mythical Journey

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Like collecting monsters, exploring lush worlds and building cosy villages but don’t like having to be hands-on in combat? Yaoling: Mythical Journey might just prove to be the game for you. Previously known as Home of the Yokai, this creature-collecting adventure RPG has all of those elements, and it hits early access on PC next month.

Jump into Yaoling: Mythical Journey when it hits early access on 16th July and you’ll find a large world to explore, with 30 different regions to discover. On top of that, there’ll be over 300 different Yaolings to collect, which can then be sent out to fight for you. Be careful which Yaolings you choose, however, as the game’s auto-battle system means once you’ve made your choice there’s not much more you can do to change the outcome other than employ a variety of charms.

In between all the combat and exploration, you’ll also be using your Yaolings to help construct a cosy village for you and your companions to call home. Ultimately, then, Yaoling: Mythical Journey promises to be somewhat of a varied experience, but one that should be fairly relaxed overall.

While Yaoling: Mythical Journey enters early access on 16th July, you can actually go hands-on with it right now if you wish. A demo is available on Steam that provides over an hour of gameplay, so give it a try.

Alternatively, you can watch some gameplay below.

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