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A Little to the Left: Seeing Stars DLC

A Little to the Left’s Seeing Stars DLC is another belter

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“More of the same.” We say it about videogame DLC a lot, and it’s either a great thing or a bad thing, depending on the game in question. With A Little to the Left, a sorting-puzzle game released in 2022, though, “more of the same” comes with a caveat. It’s more of the best.

We thoroughly enjoyed A Little to the Left upon release, but noted that not all of its puzzles were made equally. Its first DLC pack, Cupboards and Drawers, rectified that, by giving us more of our favourite types of puzzles. And its newest DLC, Seeing Stars, is another that doubles down on one of the best parts of the game. This time, there’s a more varied selection of puzzles — but they all have multiple solutions.

You see, A Little to the Left is all about sorting. Whether you’re organising books or pencil crayons, you likely have a preferred way of sorting them. Is it by colour? By size? By pattern? The best puzzles in A Little to the Left had multiple solutions, each one rewarding you with a star. That’s exactly what Seeing Stars is all about: with 100 stars to collect over 38 new puzzles, every one can be solved between two and five ways. Completionists will want to try and find every possible solution, but if you’re struggling you can move on after finding just one and come back later.

A Little to the Left: Seeing Stars DLC
Image: Secret Mode

There’s a nice variety on offer here. We’re glad to see a few “sorting tray” puzzles make their way into the DLC, giving us lots of items to put in the correct position — these are the types of puzzles that made up the entirety of the Cupboards & Drawers DLC. Some are a little more left-field, tasking you to break vases and use their pieces to fix a different vase. Others have you rotating ink pots or plant pots to line them up just-so, and there’s plenty of ordering and stacking to do, too.

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We particularly like that this time around, every solution to every puzzle has its own hint. We don’t exactly like using the hints but we’re so very glad they’re there if we do get stuck — and knowing we can make our way through every solution is a god-send. Not that we needed it very often. Honest…

A Little to the Left: Seeing Stars DLC
Image: Secret Mode

Seeing Stars is another sizeable DLC, adding a good two or three hours of extra gameplay to A Little to the Left (or more, depending how good you are at cracking the puzzles). That’s seriously good value for just £6.99 — and if you don’t own the base game it’s currently on offer, bundled with the DLC for just £13.30 on Steam. An absolute steal.

If you like organisation, puzzles, wonderful design (and cats), then you really need A Little to the Left in your life. And if you’ve already played and enjoyed it, adding on Seeing Stars is an absolute no-brainer.

A Little to the Left (and the Seeing Stars DLC) is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch and PC.

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