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Drop Duchy combines Tetris and town-building, out later this year

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If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for a good Tetris-like game. The sort of mindless puzzle game that you can switch off with, trying to beat your own best score whenever you feel like it. Well, there’s a new twist to the formula coming soon, turning the good game of Tetris into a strategic town builder. It’s called Drop Duchy, and my attention has been well and truly piqued.

Coming from Sleepy Mill Studio and The Arcade Crew, Drop Duchy is set to release on PC later this year, although a free demo is expected to land on Steam in the next few weeks. By strategically placing falling Tetris-like shapes, rather than clearing lines, this time you’ll gradually build up a kingdom.

It’s a neat idea, and we’re excited to see exactly how it plays out. Different types of pieces will have different functions, with some placing forests or streams and others placing useful and functional buildings. You’ll need to learn what pieces work best at the side of others in order to fully optimise your settlement.

Drop Duchy has roguelike elements too, so to keep going you’re going to need to optimise your Tetris block placement. Ensuring that every game is different is a range of cards that are doled out as you play, offering various upgrades and modifiers.

If all this sounds like it may be your sort of thing, you can follow @TheArcadeCrew on X for updates on Drop Duchy. And keep an eye on the Steam page for news of the demo dropping: we’ll certainly be keen to take it for a spin.

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