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Elden Ring: Shadows of the Erdtree, a character sitting on a throne with a paint brush photoshopped into their hand.

This artist is painting Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree’s bosses as they beat them

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How do you celebrate conquering one of From Software’s tricky bosses? Punch the air? Do a funny little dance? One artist is digitally painting each Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree boss as they beat them, and it’s just amazing.

The artwork, that is; Elden Ring’s: Shadow of the Ertdree’s bosses are as impressive as the main game’s, but it’s the sheer quality of artist Hungrymonkey9’s work that’s blown us out of the water. Plus, they get points for beating the enemy in question in their pants.

It’s not the first time Hungrymonkey9 has drawn Elden Ring’s enemies and allies (you can check their work out on Twitter). But this is the first time they’ve actually painted each boss as they’ve beaten them. And we do wonder if they know just what they’re getting into.

Their first piece of art depicts Divine Beast Dancing Lion, an unskippable Erdtree boss who’s proved a barrier for many players. Not only is this a fantastically dynamic piece of work, it boasts some breathtaking attention to detail. If you were too busy fleeing in terror, you might not have noticed the Divine Beast Dancing Lion’s two sets of teeth, but Hungrymonkey9 has, and they’ve recreated them in all their horrifying glory.

Given the amount of work the artist must have put into this, and the sheer difficulty of Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree’s bosses, don’t expect a sudden flurry of Erdtree art. “Looking at my skills I highly doubt I’ll even reach final boss in a month.” But we’re hoping that they keep up with this.

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Hungrymonkey9 isn’t the first Elden Ring player to use art to document their journey, though they’re the first to paint it. Steve Pickford sketched their way through the game, creating an amazing black-and-white journal. And Artyz Artifacts used colour sketches to document their journey.

You can watch Hungrymonkey9 game and paint over on their Twitch channel. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to the shops to buy a job lot of Fuzzy Felt. No reason.

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