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Kaku: Ancient Seal

Kaku: Ancient Seal is a delightful adventure that reminds us of the PS2 era

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Launching this week on PC after a stint in early access, there’s something delightfully old-fashioned about Kaku: Ancient Seal. Its cartoonish aesthetics, its platform-adventure gameplay with a smattering of puzzles: it reminds us of something we might have played on PS2. A simpler time. And being taken back to a simpler time right now is, frankly, a very welcome prospect indeed.

Kaku: Ancient Seal comes from Chinese developer Bingobell. It follows the titular Kaku, a young boy tasked with the impossibly big objective of restoring the balance of the earth. But it’s okay: Kaku has a number of special abilities up his sleeve to help him complete the job at hand.

There’s plenty of exploration afoot in Kaku: Ancient Seal although, as you’d expect, the introduction to the game is fairly slow, with a few menial missions to get you up to speed with Kaku’s repertoire of skills. You’ll engage in a lot of combat along the way, too. With a variety of abilities available to you — and plenty more to unlock as you play — you’ll be able to craft your own fighting style. There are even RPG-style skill trees to really shape Kaku as you progress.

Kaku: Ancient Seal
Image: Bingobell

Stick to the beaten path if you want, heading straight to your objectives. But wander around the surprisingly luscious map and you’ll find plenty of secrets. There’s treasures to be found, with some treasure chests locked behind puzzles that’ll require your skills — and a bit of wit — to unlock. The sheer variety on offer here is wonderful, and even if you aren’t directly working towards your next mission, there’s fun to be had simply exploring Kaku’s world.

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It’s been in early access since 2023, and in that time, Bingobell has introduced plenty of meaningful content. If you’ve previously played, it’s going to be worth jumping in thanks to a new skill tree, more areas, improved combat, new equipment system, a completely revamped prologue and plenty more.

Kaku: Ancient Seal
Image: Bingobell

We opened by comparing this to a game we might’ve played on PS2, but that may be doing Kaku: Ancient Seal a bit of a disservice. Because this certainly doesn’t look like a PS2 game. It’s rather beautiful, in fact, with a gorgeous colour palette, a range of environments and some creatively designed enemies to face up against and creatures to meet.

We’ve only scratched the surface of Kaku so far: with a campaign spanning approximately 30 hours, we’ve plenty more to delve into — and we’re looking forward to seeing more beautiful environments, more enemy types and more cleverly designed puzzles as we get further in.

Find out more about Kaku: Ancient Seal on the Steam Page. If you want to try it out before taking the plunge, there’s a free demo available to download.

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