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Nintendo Emio trailer

Nintendo’s ‘Who is Emio’ teaser has us seriously perplexed

Home » News » Nintendo’s ‘Who is Emio’ teaser has us seriously perplexed

Today, a very bizarre trailer has been uploaded to Nintendo of America’s YouTube account. It’s simply called ‘Emio’ and shows a few seconds of grainy footage of a man wearing a trench coat with a bag on his head.

It’s seriously intriguing — especially so since this is coming from Nintendo. You know, the family-friendly game developer known for bringing us such colourful and happy games like Mario and Kirby. This is absolutely not one of those.

We can’t embed the trailer because it’s age-restricted — another very strange sign for something coming from Nintendo — but you can watch it on YouTube. It’s only 15 seconds long, so don’t expect to glean any meaningful information from it.

There’s definitely a horror slant here, and we’d be surprised if whatever ‘Emio’ is turns out not to be horror related. The editing of the video, comprised with the choice of music, is designed to be unsettling. And few other genres are synonymous with paper bags on the head, don’t you think? The end of the video shows Japanese text which, according to our mobile phone’s translator, means “Smiling Man”.

Could it be that Nintendo is releasing a not-kid friendly horror game? Stranger things have happened. Whatever Emio turns out to be, we can’t wait to find out more.

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