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Sony Music, Aniplex and Pocketpair have founded Palworld Entertainment

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In news we weren’t expecting to write today… or ever, in fact, Sony Music Japan and Aniplex has established a joint venture with Palworld creator Pocketpair. With Palworld Entertainment, the trio of companies aim to expand and develop new businesses around the hit game, which many have accused of being a rip-off of Pokémon. Nintendo has yet to take any action, however.

So, what can we expect of Palworld Entertainment? For a start, merchandise. The first exclusive Palworld merchandise will debut and be sold at the Pocketpair booth during ‘Bilibili World 2024’ taking place in Shanghai, China from 12th July. It will also be available to pre-order via Aniplex at a later date.

After that, no firm plans have been released, but we wouldn’t be surprised if a Palworld film or TV series was announced. Perhaps even both. A PS4 and PS5 release of Palworld is surely on the cards, too, what with it currently only being available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

In any case, despite its detractors, it appears that Palworld isn’t going anywhere soon. In fact, it’s probably only going to get bigger.

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