About GameSpew

Founded in January 2015, GameSpew.com is based in Sheffield, England and created by Kim and Rich. Having a shared passion for video games, they wanted to turn their hobby into something productive and so, GameSpew was born!

Our intention is always to create entertaining and informative content that's relevant, interesting and of good quality. We cover gaming across all console formats and PC.

We are proud to be part of Metacritic, OpenCritic and GameRankings. You can find all our reviews on Metacritic here.

Our review policy

We strive to make our reviews as fair as possible. They are always based on a honest opinion of our own experiences in playing a game. We operate a 10-point scale, running from 1 to 10, with a "1" score representing the lowest possible score, and a "10" the best possible score a game can achieve. See the breakdown of what our scores mean:

1. One of the worst games available. So technically broken it is unplayable.

2. A very bad game that that cannot be recommended in any way. Likely many technical faults.

3. A bad game. May be playable but is unlikely to be an enjoyable experience.

4. A poor game that some people may enjoy, but falls below average.

5. An average game.  It is not special in any way, but it will be enjoyed by some.

6. A solid game. It does a lot of things right, but has several flaws that stop it being good.

7. A good game with a few issues. Recommendable to most people.

8. A very good game with very few drawbacks. Easily recommendable.

9. An excellent game; an example of one of the best games available.

10. The best of the best, an unparalleled gaming experience that is a must play by all.

Our advertising policy

We use several methods of advertising on the site, including third party links, Google AdSense and Amazon affiliate links. These adverts help to pay for the running costs of the site, but we strive to ensure that all banners and links are as unobtrusive as possible and do not interfere with your experience on GameSpew in any way. Anything you buy after clicking a link to Amazon from one of our pages will earn us a small commission.

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