About Us

Hello and welcome to GameSpew!

We started life in January 2015 in the wondrous town of Rotherham in Yorkshire, UK. Richard Seagrave and Kim Snaith, both lifelong gamers, decided to turn their passion into something productive – and so their tiny blog GameSpew was born.

Six years later, GameSpew is now visited by over 600,000 people from around the world every month, making it one of the largest independently-operated game websites in the UK. Rich and Kim, along with a small team of talented writers, create fresh content every day.

Whether big or small, created by a massive studio or by one person, if a game catches our eye, we’ll talk about it. From reviews to opinion pieces to lists, we create a wide range of entertaining and informative content that covers all formats and all tastes.

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The GameSpew Team

Want to pitch an article at us? We accept freelance pitches and pay for everything we publish – although our budget is modest compared to leading outlets. We’re open to any and all ideas, so drop us an email at [email protected] if you have something you think we might be interested in.

Affiliate Links

When we’re talking about games and products, we often like to include links to reputable online stores where you can buy (or at least find out more) about the products. Sometimes, these links are affiliate links, which means that after you click through them, any purchase you make may earn us a small commission. This doesn’t affect your purchase in any way, and the small amount of money we might earn goes towards the site’s running costs and paying our staff.


Advertising is the primary way that GameSpew earns money, and without ads we could not afford to keep running. Our display ads are provided by a third party which means we have no direct control over what ads appear. The third party, Raptive, brokers deals on our behalf. We also occasionally feature adverts in the form of sponsored articles or advertorials. These will always be clearly marked as “sponsored” so you’ll always know when you’re looking at something that’s not part of our regular editorial output.

If you want to speak to us about placing an advertorial or sponsored article with us, you can do so by reaching out to [email protected].