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Becca S.
Becca knew that she would be addicted to video games for the rest of her life when she saw the first pixelated zombie shambling across her TV screen while playing Resident Evil 3. She particularly enjoys being scared, laughing until she cries, or just plain crying while experiencing games. When she isn't playing games she loves spoiling her cat Usagi and eating any kind of sushi she can find.

Question Good Versus Evil in Turn-Based Strategy Rebel Cops

In a world where everyone is the bad guy, can you be the good guy? 

Super Dodgeball Beats Review

Music, dancing and... dodgeball? Sign me up!

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered Review

Jumping into Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch again has transported me right back to 2011 - and I love it.

Headliner: NoviNews Review

If you had the ability to sway public opinion, would you use it?

Three Years Playing Overwatch: From Making Lifelong Friends to Giving Up on a Toxic...

Overwatch was once the love of my life – where did it all go wrong?

Mobile Text Sim Hey Turtle Offers a Lesson in Dealing with Mental Illness

While it doesn’t have many of the tropes you’d expect from something called a "video game", the powerful message that Hey Turtle provides makes it a worthwhile venture.
Legend of the Skyfish

Zelda-Lite Adventure Legend of the Skyfish is Cute But Repetitive

Take irony to a whole new level by slapping fish with a fishing rod in Legend of the Skyfish. 
Blair Witch

The Witch and Her Minions Aren’t the Only Nightmare You’ll Face in Blair Witch

Blair Witch is the most recent horror game from The Bloober Team, but the witch herself isn't the scariest thing that players will deal with when they play on Xbox One.
Trine 4

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is a Magical Adventure With Lots of Potential

With a beautiful and magical world, Trine 4 is shaping up to be a wonderful adventure.

If All Games Have Literal Titles, Here’s What the Classics Should’ve Been Called

Names of games used to be so vague. We think they need to be more descriptive. So we've renamed some of the classics. You're welcome.
Knights and Bikes

Knights and Bikes Review

I've played a lot of video games in my day, but I can say that very few have truly blown me away.
Hotline Miami Collection

Hotline Miami Collection Review

Hotline Miami makes you feel bad about yourself and then consistently brings you back for more.

Adventure Game Effie Tells a Familiar Story With Some Fun New Twists

A familiar story with some fun new twists. 

Got 20 Minutes Spare? You Should Play Refunct

Refunct is a short puzzle game that, despite being simplistic, is entertaining and well worth its cheap price tag.
borderlands 3

Official Guide to the Borderlands Gives Players a Huge Taste of What to Expect...

Lilith, Marcus, Sir Hammerlock and more are ready to give you a quick run down of everything you need to know about Borderlands 3.
life is strange 2 episode 4

Life is Strange 2 Episode 4 “Faith” Releases Today

The drama increases in Episode four of Life is Strange 2. 
song of horror

Song of Horror is a Suspenseful Horror Game With a Lot of Promise

Feel the creepy presence in upcoming game Song of Horror.
Spirit Hunter NG

Horror Game Spirit Hunter: NG Coming to Scare You This October

With Halloween fast approaching, get ready for some upcoming horror games. 
Little Nightmares II

Jump Back Into the Nightmare With Little Nightmares II, Coming 2020

Six won't be alone this time around.

Stranger Things is Headed to Dead by Daylight

Well, that's strange. 

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