Tuesday, 29th September 2020
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Becca S.
Becca knew that she would be addicted to video games for the rest of her life when she saw the first pixelated zombie shambling across her TV screen while playing Resident Evil 3. She particularly enjoys being scared, laughing until she cries, or just plain crying while experiencing games. When she isn't playing games she loves spoiling her cat Usagi and eating any kind of sushi she can find.

Overwatch Lego Sets Get Release Date

These Overwatch Lego sets look amazing and we can’t wait to get our hands on them and make them pretend fight each other.

You Can Eat Real Lucio-Oh’s Later This Year

Look out for Lucio-Oh’s later this year and wall ride your way to a balanced breakfast.

Overwatch’s McCree Gets Animated Short and Hero 29 Announced at Blizzcon 2018

Ashe was revealed as Overwatch's next hero making her 29th on the ever-growing roster.
Hitman 2

Hitman 2 Gets Launch Trailer Featuring Sean Bean

Hitman 2 got a new live-action trailer today featuring everyone’s favourite actor who dies in everything, Sean Bean.

Ubisoft Announces Movie and TV Adaptations for Two Games

Ubisoft have announced that they’ll be doing a live action TV series based on Child of Light and a film about Werewolves Within.
Darksiders III

Darksiders and Darksiders II Are Getting Xbox One X Enhancements

With the launch of Darksiders III coming this month, THQ Nordic has enhanced Darksiders: Warmastered Edition and Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition into 4K for Xbox One X.

Shuyan Saga is a Charming and Unique Visual Novel

Inspired by ancient Chinese tales, Shuyan Saga is an action graphic novel that's rough around the edges but has oodles of charm and originality.
Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Tune in For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct Today

Nintendo is hosting a Nintendo Direct today that’s supposed to be all about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Man of Medan

The Dark Pictures Anthology’s Man of Medan Gets a New Trailer

In celebration of today's spooky holiday, Man of Medan has a new trailer introducing a brand new character: The Curator.

The Haunting of Hill House is Just What the Doctor Ordered This Halloween

You know a show is good when you simply have to binge it in one night.

This Awesome THQ Nordic PS4 Humble Bundle is Available Now

Goodbye sweet money, I hardly knew you.

The MediEvil Remake Gets its First Trailer

Players can expect all their beloved MediEvil characters to look crisp, clean, and brand spankin’ new on PlayStation 4 when the game releases next year.

15 of The Best Deals in Steam’s Halloween Sale

If you’re into scary, spooky, or freaky games then Steam has got you covered.

This War of Mine Gets New DLC This November

A year after the release of “A Father’s Promise” the first episode in This War of Mine: Stories, developer 11 Bit Studios have announced a second DLC.

Graveyard Keeper Gets Free “Breaking Dead” DLC

Stardew Valley’s evil twin Graveyard Keeper just got its first official DLC and it’s nice and spooky.

Stealth Surival Horror Maid of Sker Looks Terrifying

Wales Interactive announced today their new survival horror game, Maid of Sker, is coming to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch late next year.

Explore Underwater Habitats in No Man’s Sky’s Free Update, The Abyss

No Man's Sky goes underwater with its latest update, The Abyss, which is available right now for free on Xbox One, PC and PS4.

PlayStation Classic’s Full 20 Game Lineup Announced

Sony has officially announced their PlayStation Classic’s full list of games and... well, it’s just okay.

Windjammers on Switch is Addictive, Fast-Paced Retro Fun

Pong meets Wii Tennis in this fun and exciting retro game.

There Are Very Few Things Weirder Than ‘Weirdest Thing’

Weirdest Thing is worth a play through, even if for no other reason than to laugh at the five weird looking dudes with giblets for noses.

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