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Chris has been gaming since the days of the Acorn Electron, which was allegedly purchased to 'help him with his homework'. You can probably guess how well that went. He’ll tackle most genres – football titles aside – though he has a taste for games that that are post-apocalyptic, horror-oriented or thought provoking in nature.
AI The Somnium Files

AI: The Somnium Files Review

AI: The Somnium Files is a smart, funny, dream-hopping detective game that gives Phoenix Wright a run for his money.
Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son Review

Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son invites you back to Punxsutawney. But is it a trip worth taking?

Ten Tips for Playing GreedFall

Are you about to dive into GreedFall? Here are ten tips to help you survive the land of Teer Fradee. 

AER Memories of Old is a Gorgeous, Stylish Exploration Game

AER Memories of Old is a gorgeous, wing-flapping exploration game.

How to Change Your Party in GreedFall

Wondering how to change your companions in GreedFall? Here's how to switch up your party.

Can You Change Your Character’s Appearance in GreedFall?

Can you change your character's appearance in GreedFall? Here's what you need to know.

Who Can You Romance in GreedFall?

Wondering which characters you can romance in GreedFall? Here's the lucky four.

Can You Level Up Your Companion Characters in GreedFall?

Wondering if and how you can level up your companions in GreedFall? Read on.

Can You Beat Kurt in GreedFall?

Kurt, GreedFall's fighting trainer, will give you a run for your money when you fight him during the game's tutorial. But is it possible to beat him?

How Do You Camp in GreedFall?

Are you not sure how to set up camp in GreedFall? Read on to find out.

How Many Companion Characters Are There in GreedFall?

In GreedFall, you'll have a number of companions who can accompany you on your adventure. But just how many are there? Read on to find out.

How to Sleep and Advance Time in GreedFall

Bored waiting around for nightfall in GreedFall? Here's what to do.

Can You Play as a Female Character in GreedFall?

Are you looking to pick up GreedFall and wondering if you can play as a woman in the game?

Can You Play GreedFall in Multiplayer, Co-Op or Split Screen?

GreedFall is an excellent action role-playing game, but can you play it with other people?

How to Switch Weapons in GreedFall (And Why You Should)

Are you wondering how to switch weapons in GreedFall or why you should bother using anything else but your flaming sword? Read on.

How to Dodge and Roll in Greedfall

Dodging is a handy and potentially life-saving skill to have when you're playing GreedFall. But how do you do it? Read on.

How to Use Your Gun in GreedFall

Are you playing GreedFall but aren't sure how to use your gun? Here's how.

Can You Continue to Play GreedFall Once You’ve Completed the Story?

Are you playing GreedFall and wondering if you can play on after the story ends?

How to Level Up in GreedFall

Are you wondering how to level up in GreedFall? Read on.

How Long Does it Take to Complete Greedfall?

Are you looking to play GreedFall and wonder how long it'll take you to beat it? Read on.

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