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Chris has been gaming since the days of the Acorn Electron, which was allegedly purchased to 'help him with his homework'. You can probably guess how well that went. He’ll tackle most genres – football titles aside – though he has a taste for games that that are post-apocalyptic, horror-oriented or thought provoking in nature.

This Wolfenstein Graphic Novel is a Ludicrous Labour of Lovecraft

Wolfenstein: The Deep, despite its title, barely dips beneath the surface of Wolfenstein's Nazi-occupied world. Yet it's so ridiculously over the top that you can't help but enjoy it.

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator Serves Up a Fresh Slice of Animatronic Horror

What really makes Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator more than just a cookie-cutter sequel is the way it incorporates risk and reward.

Totally True Gaming News Round Up: Norman Reedus’s Fussy Throat Baby and More

Truly, games are a gift to mankind, Nintendo Switch games even more so. After all, most consoles are tied to the television meaning that, during...
Time Recoil 2

Time Recoil is a Gruesomely Satisfying Shoot-Em-Up

Limited temporal window aside, Time Recoil is a heck of a lot of fun, offering a level of sheer mayhem that easily matches Hotline Miami.

Totally True Game Awards Round Up: Geoff Keighley Has the Best Doggo

Totally True Gaming News turns its head to the Game Awards. Ignore the other round-ups; this one is ALL FACT. Honestly.

Metroidvania “After Death” is a Skele-Ton of Fun

This skellington-themed Metroidvania, available on Steam, sees you exploring a vast, hostile realm, dispatching all manner of gruesome foes.

Totally True Gaming News Round Up Special: 5 Games We Made Up By Changing One Letter

We're proud-ish to present our top five games that, in a break from our usual policy of 100% accuracy, we made up by changing one letter in the title of existing games.

Totally True Gaming News Round Up: Bungie Caught Lying, Luke Skywalker’s Career Change and More

Truly, this is a week that will go down in gaming history. Again.

Totally True Gaming News Round Up: Company Stops Doing a Thing, Skyrim on the Switch and More.

Welcome to Totally True Gaming News, all the news that we definitely didn't make up by throwing a Scrabble set at a wall.

Cities: Skylines’ Snowfall DLC Offers Frosty New Features, New Ways to Fail Your Citizens

Winter is coming. Not because Ned Stark couldn't keep his stupid mouth shut but because I've grossly underestimated my city's power needs. In fact, having...
Bubsy Header

Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back Review: Who Let The Mog Out?

Rather than going the full retro route, The Woolies Strike Back instead gives Bubsy and his curiously armless enemies a full graphical makeover.

Totally True Gaming News Round Up: Respawn’s Bright Future, Harry Potter Go and More

Totally True Game News is here to bring you all the latest news, news that's so absolutely on the mark and entirely non-fabricated that we felt compelled to draw small blue ticks on our foreheads.

Super Lucky’s Tale Review: Fur-strating

Lucky may be the cutest 3D platformer protagonist we've seen in a while, but the game isn't without its problems.
Below the Bedrock Header

Minecraft Story Mode Season 2: Episode 4 – Below the Bedrock Review

Minecraft Story Mode Season 2: Episode 4 - Below the Bedrock doesn't reach the dizzying heights of the season's opening salvo, but it's a satisfying outing.
Xbox One X Header

Totally True Gaming News Round Up: Xbox One X Launch Special

We've gone Xbox One  X crazy at GameSpew. Literally. And so here's some 100% true, totally not-false facts about the behemoth console.
Sunless Skies Header

Sunless Skies Could Be the Stuff of Jules Verne’s Nightmares

If the bleak top-down role-playing game Sunless Seas gave you nightmares, then Sunless Skies could ensure you never look at the heavens the same way again.

Review: “Git Mud” in the Gloriously Grimy Spintires: MudRunner

My first few forays into Spintires: MudRunner, the latest incarnation of this off-road driving game, were pure, glorious chaos.

Eighties-Themed Horror Short Bonbon is Anything But Sweet

Bonbon shows that, through a child's eyes, even the familiar can be frightening.

Totally True Gaming News Round Up: Cappy Patched Out of Super Mario Odyssey, Hammer Time and More

Join us for this weeks' Totally True Gaming News Round Up, in which we round up this week's news in an entirely reliable and totally unfabricated fashion.

Totally True Gaming News Round-Up: Cuphead Hits the Amiga, Overwatch Halloween Skins and More

It's that time of year year again. When the nights draw in, and it's somehow  acceptable to demand that people give you things or face the dire consequences.

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