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Weekend Editor // Chris has been gaming since the days of the Acorn Electron, which was allegedly purchased to 'help him with his homework'. You can probably guess how well that went. He’ll tackle most genres – football titles aside – though he has a taste for games that that are post-apocalyptic, horror-oriented or thought provoking in nature.

PlayStation 4 Games Are On Their Way to PlayStation Now

Sony has announced that PlayStation 4 games will be made available to Playstation Now subscribers, with the first current-gen titles hitting the service later this...

Dying: Reborn Review

Dying: Reborn is hobbled by an incoherent narrative, awful voice acting and an antagonist who's as threatening as a slightly out-of-date tuna sandwich.

BOOR Review

In the same way that noone in The Walking Dead's televisual universe had heard of zombies, I suspect that the inhabitants of BOOR's fictional...

Bot Colony Preview: An Uneven Foray Into a Robotic Future

Bot Colony is not, as the name might suggest, about a group of sentient arses. Instead, this cybercentric adventure deals with the rise of...

Dead Rising: Case Zero and Case West Added to Xbox Backwards Compatibility

Dead Rising: Case Zero and Dead Rising: Case West are the latest titles to have been added to Microsoft's Xbox Backwards Compatibility programme. Case Zero and...

The 10 Worst Things About Retro Gaming

The early days of gaming weren't as glorious as they're reputed to have been. Come with me as I take you on a tour of ten things that made this age such a minefield.
Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4 Shambles Onto Steam on 14th March

The PC version of Dead Rising 4, previously only available through the Windows 10 store, will soon be available to purchase on Steam.

Cards Against Humanity Release A Mass Effect Mini Expansion

The makers of Cards Against Humanity have published a Mass Effect themed mini-expansion for the the hugely popular and frequently offensive card game.

Games Critic Jim Sterling Beats Developer Digital Homicide’s Libel Lawsuit

After nearly a year of legal wrangling back-and-forth, developer Digital Homicide's libel lawsuit against games critic Jim Sterling has been dismissed with prejudice.

PSVR Title ‘Here They Lie’ Updates With a Non-VR Version

Here They Lie, previously a Playstation VR exclusive title, can now be played without Sony's virtual reality headset.

A Pixel Story Review

If you prefer brain-scratching to button-mashing, then you'll love A Pixel Story – or I'll eat my hat.

Leaked Nintendo Switch Was Apparently Stolen; Nintendo Claimed It Back

A Nintendo Switch that found its way into the hands of a NeoGaf poster well before its street date was allegedly stolen and is now back in Nintendo's hands.

Hitman: Season 1 Hits Linux

Season 1 of Hitman, Square Enix's stealth assassination series, has been released for Linux.

How to Survive 2 Review

I never thought I'd use the words "projectile-vomiting zombie pelican" in any piece of writing.

Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic Review

Pixel Heroes may offer a marginally different experience every time you play, but in practice, each playthrough is about as pleasant as a poke in the eye.

Steam Greenlight Being Axed in Favour of a Pay-to-Publish Platform

Valve has today announced that it will be extinguishing its existing Steam Greenlight programme and replacing it with a pay-to-publish platform, known as Steam Direct.

‘Retroblox’ System Teases Multi-Console Emulation, Kickstarter in April

With a Kickstarter launching in April, Retroblox promises to deliver multi-system emulation that makes use of original cartridges, CDs and peripherals.

99 Vidas Review

99Vidas is a surprisingly deep beat'em up which delivers the hoodlum-punching frolics and coin-devouring difficulty of old-school arcade games.

Mad Catz in Danger of Stock Market Delisting

Is Mad Catz in danger of folding? The latest news from the long-standing peripheral manufacturer certainly doesn't bode well.

Nevermind Review

Nevermind places you in the sci-fi shoes of a 'Neuroprober', charged with the serious business of healing patients’ mental wounds through exploration and puzzle-solving.

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