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Daniel grew up playing Diddy Kong racing on his old N64, and making trips to his grandmother’s house to play Crystal Caves. When he wasn’t on the computer, he was combining pieces from different board games to form his own creations. These days Daniel works as an indie developer, and wants to break into the game reviewing business to help other indie companies get the word out about their games.

Review: Spellspire is a Worthy Contender in the Word Game Genre

Spellspire offers a truly fun and unique experience to the word game genre.

Caveblazers Review: Fast-Paced Roguelike Action

There aren’t many experiences in gaming more satisfying than completing an entire game without dying. It’s no wonder, then, that the challenging and unforgiving roguelike...

Monster Slayers Review

If you’re a fan of deck building or dungeon crawlers then Monster Slayers is a must try.

‘Tribal Pass’ and Copyright Infringement: An Interview With Developer Shas Shostak

The Tribe, now called Tribal Pass, is an indie running game developed by Stas Shostak, Evgeniy Yudin, Alexzander Protasenya, and Ruslan Viter. The gameplay is...

Legend of the Skyfish Review

Legend of the Skyfish’s fishing rod likely won’t go down in gaming history like Shovel Knight’s shovel or Kingdom Hearts’ Keyblade, but it’s a nice little game that tried something new, and did a decent job of it.

2Dark Review

There's an unwritten rule in video games where you never harm children. A kid gets mauled to death by a lion though, so clearly 2Dark didn't get the memo.

Kick Ass Commandos and the Importance of Intuitive Controller Support

Kick Ass Commandos is a perfectly fine game. The art is nice, the gameplay is everything you’d expect from a top-down bullet hell shooter,...

Hidden Folks Review

Hidden Folks is the best kind of casual gameplay anyone could ask for.

Blueprint Tycoon Review

Blueprint Tycoon just isn't particularly fun. Without a way to lose, there’s no real challenge... It all just feels like a long, somewhat tedious, tutorial.

Dad Quest Preview: A Hilarious Interactive Parenting Guide Not to Be Missed

Without a doubt, the best aspect of Dad Quest is the comedy. The base concept of using a child as a weapon is hilarious in how ridiculous it is.

Splasher Review

It's incredibly hard for a platformer game to break into the top-tier list alongside the greats, but Splasher really makes one hell of an argument for it.

Beat Cop: More to Policing than Shootouts and Car Chases

Beat Cop follows Jack Kelly, a cop framed for murder and theft who's been demoted to the lowest ranks, pending investigation. It's set to release on PC this spring.

Power Hover Review

From it gorgeous environments that will bring back memories of games past to its exceptional sound design, Power Hover is everything you can ask for from a game of its calibre.

Epic Manager Review

When we think of management games, the usual suspects come to mind. Sports, theme parks, and vehicle management have dominated the market for years. Then,...

Dustoff Heli Rescue Review

Over the years there have been a lot of video games and movies about the Vietnam War. The one element that almost all the media...

Rocket Riot Review

In most shooter games, the player starts out with a simple pistol, if any gun at all. Over the course of the game the weapons...

Rad Rodgers: World One Review

Nostalgia is a powerful feeling. Remembering the good old days will put a smile on the faces of even the grumpiest old men. Experiences from...

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