Daniel Batoff


Legend of the Skyfish Review

Legend of the Skyfish’s fishing rod likely won’t go down in gaming history like Shovel Knight’s shovel or Kingdom Hearts’ Keyblade, but it’s a nice little game that tried something new, and did a decent job of it.

2Dark Review

There's an unwritten rule in video games where you never harm children. A kid gets mauled to death by a lion though, so clearly 2Dark didn't get the memo.

Blueprint Tycoon Review

Blueprint Tycoon just isn't particularly fun. Without a way to lose, there’s no real challenge... It all just feels like a long, somewhat tedious, tutorial.

Splasher Review

It's incredibly hard for a platformer game to break into the top-tier list alongside the greats, but Splasher really makes one hell of an argument for it.

Power Hover Review

From it gorgeous environments that will bring back memories of games past to its exceptional sound design, Power Hover is everything you can ask for from a game of its calibre.

Epic Manager Review

When we think of management games, the usual suspects come to mind. Sports, theme parks, and vehicle management have dominated the market for years. Then, on t...

Dustoff Heli Rescue Review

Over the years there have been a lot of video games and movies about the Vietnam War. The one element that almost all the media have in common, is the brutality...

Rocket Riot Review

In most shooter games, the player starts out with a simple pistol, if any gun at all. Over the course of the game the weapons get more powerful. Eventually the ...

Rad Rodgers: World One Review

Nostalgia is a powerful feeling. Remembering the good old days will put a smile on the faces of even the grumpiest old men. Experiences from our childhood seem ...