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Darren Jones is a lifelong gamer who likes to sit back, relax and game into the wee hours. He also loves a good cup of coffee.

Jurassic Park Enters the AR Arena Searching for Success

Following the template laid out by Pokemon Go, developer Ludia hopes it can replicate the AR success story with Jurassic World Alive.

The Future’s Bright, The Future’s… Streaming?

It looks like streaming is the next big frontier for video games, but can the industry fully embrace it?

Online Only Mobile Games are Here to Stay

In this article, we’re going to share the genres which are leading the always-online charge on mobile.

The Gaming Platforms Ruling All Corners of the Industry

Here’s a quick rundown of the key platforms that provide different types of gaming delights to millions of people worldwide.

Putting Games of Chance in Popular Culture

Here are some of the most memorable and biggest moments of gambling in pop culture.

Five Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games

Who’s to say video games can't be productive? Here are five ways you can make money playing video games.

Our Three Favourite Post-Apocalyptic Games

Fallout: New Vegas, The Last of Us and Mad Max. Three different games, all set in a post-apocalyptic world. We love them all.

Are Modern Games Always Better Than the Classics?

Just a few weeks ago I had a conversation with my mates about the development of modern games and how old games sometimes give me more satisfaction than the new ones.

Four Ways to Discover New Games

Want to find something new to play that's a little off the radar? Follow our tips to set you on the right path.

Why Mobile Gaming is So Popular

It is expected that by 2020, mobile gaming will account for half of the £800 million video game market. That's not a figure to be sniffed at.

5 Interesting Facts About Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s success since its release in 2012 has meant that it has become an esports classic.

Three Upcoming VR Games To Look Out For

VR seems to be growing, and here are just three games due out this year that we can't wait to don our headsets for.
Loot Box Header

Where Will Gambling Tactics in Video Games Go Next?

As more and more elements of gambling slip into traditional video games, we can’t help but wonder: where will it stop?

The Gaming Industry Trends We Expect to See in 2018

What trends in the gaming industry can we expect over the next few months? Let’s take a look at the top four gaming trends to look out for in 2018.

Games That Inspired Legendary Spin-offs and Rip-offs

Undoubtedly, the biggest gaming genre that has emerged over the last year is that of the Battle Royale games.
elder scrolls online

Elder Scrolls Online Free Weekends and the Freebie Phenomenon

If someone is offering us something for free, what are they really looking for in return?

Thumbs Up For The Desktop

Our desktop PC is always right where we left it, waiting for us to tap into an endless world of information and entertainment. What more could we possibly want?

Unifying the In-Game Economy: Advancing the Trade of Digital Assets

What is the blockchain, and how can it transform in-game economies in esports?

Can Video Games Teach Us New Skills?

Video games are a great way of exercising the brain, and have been proven to help with degenerative diseases like dementia. So what exactly can be learned from playing games online?

Will Mobile Gaming’s Phenomenal Rise Continue in 2018?

As 2018 gets going, there are a number of trends that will allow the mobile gaming industry to continue its upward trajectory.

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