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David makes Video Games, and has a 2:1 BA Degree in Computer Game Design.

10 Tips for League of Legends Beginners

Here are some handy tips to get you thinking and acting like a League of Legends pro!

Fantastic Frontier Defense DLC Proves Titanfall 2 Continues to Improve

Frontier Defense is fantastic new gamemode that comes during a surge of interest in Titanfall 2, which can only do wonders for the playerbase and community.

Cloudbase Prime Review: Portal Meets Lovely Planet

Cloudbase Prime has the narrative style of Portal, mixed with the glove mechanics of Q.U.B.E, with a hint of Lovely Planet-style high-air jumping and shooting.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Review: As Brutal and Unforgiving as the Real Thing

If you can get your head around the concept that you are just a regular soldier... then you'll find an incredibly unique experience in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

Here’s Everything You Missed At The Sony Playstation E3 2017 Briefing

After such an amazing E3 conference last year from Sony with so many surprise announcements and reveals, this year was always going to be...

Let’s Try to Beat the Xbox One X In Terms of Price: PC Mockup Build Theory

The Xbox One X reveal got me thinking: "Can I make a PC that achieves the same perceived level of quality for the same price or less?" Let's find out...

Here’s Everything You Missed At Bethesda’s E3 2017 Presentation

This year, while there was nothing as incredibly exciting as a new Elder Scrolls or Fallout entry announced, we did get a great list of titles across multiple platforms to look forward to, as well new content for recent releases.

Review: Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus is a Worthwhile Excursion for Fans

But if you're a fan who was invested in Final Fantasy XV's main story, finding out what happened to Gladiolus and learning where he got his scar from is a very welcome addition.

Corsair VOID RGB Wireless Headset Review: Pro Quality, Consumer Price

For its price point, there's little else that comes close to the Corsair VOID RGB wireless headset in terms of comfort, quality, and features.

Review: Channel Your Inner Neo with SUPERHOT VR

It's like being able to be both John Wick and Neo at once.

VRobot is Shaping Up to Be a Great VR Experience for Kids

VRobot is currently in an early access state. So while it may lack a lot of polish and features, is it still worth giving...

Detached is a Wild VR Ride Through the Vastness of Space

If you're interested in Detached, then get ready for a wild ride! Be sure to bring a paper bag though...
Deadly Premonition Board Game

What’s That? Deadly Premonition: The Board Game?

You wake up, grab some coffee, check your emails. Standard procedure. I was not expecting to open my inbox today and find a teaser trailer...

Is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Really That Good?

I've played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I absolutely loved it. But does it deserve to be given the crown of "best game of all time"? I'm not so sure.

Why I Used to Love Titanfall 2, and Why I Now Don’t

Titanfall 2 has gone from being one of my favourite FPS games of all time to something I'll likely never be able to enjoy again. Why?

Top 10 League of Legends Champions For Beginners

Hopefully your time spent with any number of these 10 champions will get you interested enough in League of Legends to keep on playing and having fun!


For its price, SQUAKE is definitely worth a go if you're looking for something fun to play in short bursts.

Nintendo Switch: A Future to Look Forward To

With only a few days until the launch of the Nintendo Switch, I find myself joining in the hype and excitement of fellow gamers,...

AMD Ryzen CPUs : The Basics

Everything you need to know about AMD's Ryzen, their brand new processor that's set to be a game changer in the industry.

Buyer’s Guide: So You’re Thinking of Getting a Gaming PC?

So you've been console gaming for a while, and the time has come to ask yourself the immortal question: is it actually worth joining the 'Glorious PC Master Race'?

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