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"Cynical", "sarcastic" and "irritable" are just some of the words that have been used to describe Diggy B, the other words usually being four letters long and incredibly rude. He can normally be found with a controller in his hands and strives to provide acerbic rants on all things gaming, from Gears of War to Candy Crush.

Top 10 Funniest Video Game Cheats

A rundown of the craziest codes, the most uproarious unlockables, the most comical console commands and the most downright chucklesome video game cheats.

Let’s Play Ghost Recon: Wildlands Beta… Drunk!

Of course, a real gentleman knows tactical shooters should be accompanied by a fine rosé. Diggy B dips his toe into the open beta for...

Let’s Play… Gone Home (Part 2) | Steam Clean

Diggy and Jenna continue to explore the house on Arbor Hill in Gone Home, and gradually unravel the mystery as to why anyone would...

Let’s Play… Gone Home | Steam Clean #1

Did you know that 37% of all purchased Steam games have never been played? Diggy and Jenna are back, but this time they're blindly...
zombie gamesvideo

Wife Lessons: Let’s Play Dead Rising 2

Up on Wife Lessons this time is Dead Rising 2. Diggy and Jenna head to the mall to battle zombies... so many zombies. There's blood...

Wife Lessons: Let’s Play Jade Empire

It's another episode of Wife Lessons! Or should I say, episode two of Husband Lessons..? Yes, once again it's Diggy behind the steering wheel...

Wife Lessons: Let’s Play Dark Souls (Part 3)

Diggy and Jenna have finally returned to their preferred method of self-flagellation: FromSoftware's fiendishly difficult RPG, Dark Souls. In this episode they tackle the unforgiving...

8-bit Blues: Atlas Shrugged, a Song for Andrew Ryan

GameSpew’s own Diggy B tells the yet untold stories of history’s greatest video game characters: through the medium of song! “Atlas Shrugged” is taken from...
Doom 3-minvideo

8-Bit Blues: 9000, A Song About the DOOM Marine

GameSpew’s own Diggy B tells the yet untold stories of history’s greatest video game characters: through the medium of song! “9000” is taken from Diggy’s...

Wife Lessons: Let’s Play Rayman Legends

Diggy and Jenna are back! The married gaming twosome have decided to celebrate the return of Wife Lessons with some co-operative cartoon carnage in Rayman...

8-Bit Blues: Praise the Sun, A Song For Solaire

GameSpew’s own Diggy B tells the yet untold stories of history’s greatest video game characters: through the medium of song! "Praise the Sun" is taken...

The Alternative E3 2016 Commentary (Game Surgery #2)

Fed up of everyone fawning over all of this year's E3 announcements? Look no further. GameSpew's resident cynic, Diggy B is back with a...

The Beggar’s Ride Review

Have you ever played a game that you felt like you should have been enjoying, but there was just one irritating thing that kept...

8-Bit Blues: Bad Guy, A Song About Bowser

GameSpew's own Diggy B brings us a new video miniseries, telling the untold stories of history's greatest video game characters: through the medium of...

Doors Review

You are faced with two doors. One leads to death, the other to bacon. The red door proudly claims: “You will choose this door”, while...

Wife Lessons – Fable: The Lost Chapters

Diggy and Jenna are back with another hilarious 30 minute video game romp, this time with Fable: The Lost Chapters... but wait! This week, there's...

Wife Lessons: Dark Souls (Part 2)

Everyone at GameSpew loves Dark Souls. Well, almost everyone. Jenna doesn't. Which is exactly why Diggy is making her play more of the game...

Wife Lessons: Typing of the Dead and Surgeon Simulator

This week, Diggy and Jenna are really treating us: TWO GAMES IN ONE. ZOMGZ. It's all hands on keys to murder zombies the unconventional way...

Futuridium EP Deluxe Review

Futuridium - besides sounding like the secret elemental weakness of a superhero called “History Man” (patent pending) – is an indie shoot 'em up...

What Makes a Good Puzzle Game? (Game Surgery #1)

What makes a good puzzle game? It's a valid question, and one that Diggy is hoping to answer in the first video of his...

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