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Duncan spawned into his first game at the age of 3. After playing Super Mario 64 he's never looked back and his dream job is to play games, share his thoughts and opinions on them and somehow call it "work." Duncan is a PlayStation gamer at heart and his favourite games of all time would have to be Dishonored and Journey. When he's not gaming or making gaming videos for his YouTube channel with his best friend, Duncan plays tennis, sings, acts and lets face it, probably plays more games.

Whatever Happened to Burnout?

Developed by Criterion Games, the Burnout games were some of the best arcade racers around. But what happened to them? Did the Burnout franchise Burnout?
Unbox Header

Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure Review: Keep On Rolling, Baby!

In Unbox: Newbie's Adventure, you play as "Newbie", a sentient cardboard box that can roll, jump and "unbox" his way to saving the world.

10 Things I’ve Learned From My 10 Platinum Trophies

Here are some valuable things to take note of whether you're about to get your 20th platinum or you're interested in getting started with your first...

Ratchet & Clank Shows That Insomniac is the Perfect Developer for Spider-Man

I hate to be "that guy" who's annoying in hindsight, but I swear I've been saying for years that Insomniac would be the perfect developer for a Spider-Man game.
Mario Rabbids 4

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Shows Ubisoft Firmly Stands By the Nintendo Switch

Tonight at E3, a clear statement was made when Shigeru Miyamoto came out on stage to reveal Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

Microsoft Takes an Aggressive Fight to Sony

The bar has been well and truly set by Xbox. The gaming world now looks with keen eyes to see which Sony will show up to this year's E3.
assassin's creed syndicate

Has Ubisoft Learned its Lesson With Assassin’s Creed?

The Assassin's Creed franchise has taken a bit of a beating having been released annually for eight years. Will 2016's hiatus have given the series the boost it needs?
Creativerse City

An Interview With Daniel Havens, Creativerse’s Game Director

Playful Corp.'s Game Director, Daniel Havens, tells us of his experiences creating the game, gives his opinions on VR and more.
Creativerse Valley

Creativerse is Mindless Sandbox Fun

The term "sandbox" is thrown around a lot when discussing video games. Playful's new title, Creativerse is definitely a sandbox.

Super Rude Bear Resurrection Review

I've always loved platformers, but so much of the time they end up being so difficult that I lose interest after the first hour...

Save Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace: The Importance of the Autosave

Other art forms have it so easy. If you're watching a movie and you have to stop at any time you can very easily come...

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Review

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom never really settled down enough in one genre for me to enjoy it fully, but it did manage to keep me having fun.

How Have Japanese Arcades Survived?

I was recently lucky enough to visit Tokyo for the first time. As someone who's been playing video games their entire life, and plans to...

Horizon Zero Dawn is Diversity Done Right

I've been loving every minute of Horizon Zero Dawn's beautiful open world, its hugely interesting mysteries and its invigorating gameplay, but the thing I'm enjoying most about it is how the game is handling diversity.

Why Abzû is the Most Important Game of the Year

2016 has seen a fairly stellar line-up of games. With the dust settling from the Game Awards earlier this month, there's one title in particular...

What Bioshock Has Taught Me About Modern Game Design

Game designers should listen to the challenges that older masterpieces like Bioshock issue them and use the strengths from them for the better.

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