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Emily is an aggressively loud queer activist who owns more movies than she can literally count. You can usually find some sort of candy (typically mini Starbursts) hidden under the covers of her bed. Her hobbies include petting her dog, Shinx (named after the Pokemon) and her cat, Idris (not named after the actor) while crying/screaming over mundane things.

Venom (2018) Review

Venom wrestles with big expectations, and it falls a bit short. See it to be entertained, but not to be impressed.

8 Horror Movies We Love to Laugh At

Sometimes horror movies are funny because they mean to be. Sometimes they're funny because they're so bad. Here's our pick of eight horror movies we love to laugh at.

The Little Stranger (2018) Review

The Little Stranger is a 1940s gothic piece that should have had me leaving the cinema feeling fulfilled. Instead, my friends and I sat there, all asking the same question: “What happened?”

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