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Geraint is a simple PC Gamer with a BA (Hons) in English and Creative Writing and a penchant for drawing fantasy art and cartoons. You're most likely to find him playing survival, MMO, RPG, indie and action games. He's not a massive fan of FPS games unless they include creative humour (i.e. the Borderlands series).

SpeedRunners Review

After three years of being in beta, the platform-runner from DoubleDutch Games, Speedrunners has finally been fully released. And it was worth the wait! Initially released...
Ark survival evolved ps4

ARK: Survival Evolved Early Access Review

Multiplayer survival/crafting games appear in all shapes, sizes and styles. They may appear as voxel games like Minecraft, post-apocalyptic hostile games like Rust or,...

iZBOT Review

It's a hop, a skip and a jump-bot! From Australian games developer Ruxar comes a high-speed, single-player indie platformer featuring the adventures and misadventures of...

Leap of Fate – Early Access Preview

From the French-Canadian games company Clever Plays Studio comes their debut indie game Leap of Fate, where you play as a cyberpunk rogue in...

Battle Fantasia Revised Edition Review

Released in Japanese arcades in April 2007, Battle Fantasia offered a unique take on the fighting game genre with its highly stylised visuals and...

Here’s Why You Need to Play Battleblock Theater

“Boys and girls, ladies. . . hmm and a-gentlemen. Turn the lights down low and shut your faces as I wrap you in the...

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