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Harriet Keers-Stribley

Harriet Keers-Stribley
When she's not typing away at a keyboard, Harriet is taking on any action-adventure or survival horror that she can get her hands on. If gameplay gets too challenging, her budgie steps in and tweets encouragingly.
Marooners Header

Marooners Review: Minigame Madness

Offering online, offline and couch co-op modes, Marooners challenges you to slap, hit and sabotage your opponents to gain that coveted first place.

Review: Nintendo’s Arms Packs a Punch

Arms has fully embraced its ridiculousness in the name of a good time.

Emily Wants to Play Review

Emily Wants to Play is a simple, yet extremely effective horror from the mind of Shawn Hitchcock. As one of the best jump scare...

Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus Review

Pluck up your courage, unsheathe your sword, and grab your teddy bear, because Aksys Games and LookAtMyGame have created a shiny new action adventure...

Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition Review

Fans of the original game will not be disappointed by Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition, Techland’s latest addition to 2015's zombie-killing epic....

Super Ubie Island REMIX Review

Freshly revamped by indie developer Notion Games, Super Ubie Island REMIX is an awesomely optimistic arcade game that's brought back the best parts of...

Inside My Radio Review

If you spend silly amounts of time creating the perfect playlist for your next gaming session, Seaven Studio's Inside My Radio is for you. This...

BlazeRush Review

Fans of Hanna-Barbera's Wacky Races will love Targem Games' BlazeRush, a fun arcade racing game that puts you in the driving seat of pure chaos. Russian...

Thief Town Review

Thief Town is a stealthy local multiplayer that hits you right in the nostalgia feels with cool 8-bit music and charmingly chunky pixels. Glass...

Calvino Noir Review

Aesthetically, Calvino Noir is the epitome of cool. It’s the lone figure standing in the shadows on a dirty street, the perfect glass of...
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture 1-min

Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture Review

It’s not often that a game can make you feel so ill at ease from the start menu alone. "Zero, eight, zero, one." "The emergency may...

Badland: Game of the Year Edition Review

After mastering the mobile platform with its distinctive design and fly-or-die gameplay, Badland has been released on Xbox One, PS4 and now Wii U with enhanced...

PieceFall Review

PieceFall is a charming puzzle platformer that’s taken the concept of Tetris to a whole new dimension – literally. Armed with nothing but your brainpower...

Hohokum Review

With a stunning, yet simplistic design and intuitive controls, Hohokum is an unstructured adventure game that gives you the freedom to create your own...

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