Holly Robinson


Heaven Forest Nights Review

Fancy a break from the stresses of life? Want a game that will help you to relax? Are you intrigued by the philosophy in life and death? I recommend taking a midnight stroll through Heaven Forest Nights.

The Wild Eternal Review

Fancy a break from reality? Why not get lost in Ilsanjo's utterly unique The Wild Eternal – a gorgeous exploration game steeped in reflection and philosophy. A...

Slime-san Review

Whether its a quick ten-minute gaming session in your lunch-break or "just one more level" that culminates into an all-nighter, Slime-san is a pleasant surprise all-round.

Ruckus Rumble Review

Created by a team of University Students and supported by PlayStation First, Ruckus Rumble is a local multiplayer brawler.

End of the Mine Review

Fans of classic platformers rejoice! Skirmish Entertainment have officially released their first game, End of the Mine; a 2D, side-scrolling platformer inspired...

Don’t Open The Doors! Review

Indie developer Anton Riot has worked single-handedly for the last two years to bring us a charming stop-motion action adventure game full of intelligence and w...

Shu Review (PC)

Two weeks on from our 10/10 console review of Coatsink's beautiful Shu and it has exploded into the indie scene in a very apt storm-like fashion. I was lucky en...

Ray Gigant Review

Bandai Namco, the game publishers that helped to bring us the likes of Tekken, Dark Souls, Pac-Man and The Witcher 3, return now in collaboration with Experienc...