Holly Robinson


Heaven Forest Nights Review

Fancy a break from the stresses of life? Want a game that will help you to relax? Are you intrigued by the philosophy in life and death? I recommend taking a midnight stroll through Heaven Forest Nights.

The Wild Eternal Review

Fancy a break from reality? Why not get lost in Ilsanjo's utterly unique The Wild Eternal – a gorgeous exploration game steeped in reflection and philosophy. A...

Slime-san Review

Whether its a quick ten-minute gaming session in your lunch-break or "just one more level" that culminates into an all-nighter, Slime-san is a pleasant surprise all-round.

Ruckus Rumble Review

Created by a team of University Students and supported by PlayStation First, Ruckus Rumble is a local multiplayer brawler.

End of the Mine Review

Fans of classic platformers rejoice! Skirmish Entertainment have officially released their first game, End of the Mine; a 2D, side-scrolling platformer inspired...

Don’t Open The Doors! Review

Indie developer Anton Riot has worked single-handedly for the last two years to bring us a charming stop-motion action adventure game full of intelligence and w...

Shu Review (PC)

Two weeks on from our 10/10 console review of Coatsink's beautiful Shu and it has exploded into the indie scene in a very apt storm-like fashion. I was lucky en...

Ray Gigant Review

Bandai Namco, the game publishers that helped to bring us the likes of Tekken, Dark Souls, Pac-Man and The Witcher 3, return now in collaboration with Experienc...

Rogue Stormers Review

Born as a concept by Spellbound in 2007, "Project Ravensdale" was shelved until 2013 in order to make way for other games. That was until Black Forest Games dec...

Spellbind Review

As 16 year old Luppe, you must defeat your arch enemy Ricko in a battle of intelligence and stealth. Who will steal Lord Amatar's most expensive bottle of wine ...