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For Jack, it all started with the PS1. After years spent playing against AI, video games moved online, so Jack did too. As the industry grew, he followed, treating himself to a diverse array of genres. Now enjoying well-written RPGs the most, he looks for stories he can engross himself in. Unfortunately, they are hard to find in video games. Eventually his love/hate relationship with gaming drew him to write about the industry he is passionate about. When he's not gaming, you'll most likely find Jack watching films.

Weedcraft Inc Review

Weedcraft Inc, a management sim about growing and selling weed, creates an interesting but often flawed game of supply and demand.

Here’s Everything New on Netflix For 1st April 2019

It’s always a dizzying list of movies, TV, and comedy specials to fit all ages and tastes in entertainment.

Daggerhood is For You Platforming Masochists Out There

For under a fiver, if you’re a fan of Celeste’s gameplay, there are very few reasons not to try Daggerhood.

Anthem Review

Bioware’s MMO looter shooter, Anthem, isn’t quite what I hoped.
The Division 2 (1)

The Division 2’s Private Beta, in Pictures

The extended work put into the density of The Division 2’s open world – at least in the beta area – gives so much more to look at.

WarGroove Review

WarGroove packs in a challenging campaign, brought to life with characters that are hard not to love, but it’s the level editor that really sets it apart.

How to Play Downloaded Maps and Campaigns in Wargroove

Here's where you’ll find downloaded maps and campaigns to play in Wargroove.

RIOT – Civil Unrest Review

RIOT - Civil Unrest's captivating art style and audio design is worth paying a visit to, but poor UI design and bugs really dampen the experience.

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong Review

If you enjoy a good challenge – and a good amount of silliness – you’ll certainly get a kick out of When Ski Lifts Go Wrong.

Just When I Thought I Was Done With FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, It Pulled...

I can’t help but feel like the lack of changes to my beloved career mode in FIFA 19 are  intended to bring players across to FIFA’s cash cow, Ultimate Team.

Two Years Later, I’m Finally Playing Pokémon Go as it Was Meant to be...

I’ve returned to Pokémon Go, leaving hotspots behind to play it as intended: using mobile data. And now, it's a completely different game.

What Never Was is a Free Exploration Game That Teases Something Greater

What Never Was is definitely worth playing through, especially if you’re into this kind of thing.

Rapture Rejects, The Cyanide & Happiness Battle Royale, Needs More Players

I remember Rapture Rejects’ announcement, but had no idea that it entered early access in late November. Seems like not many others did either.

The Best Free Agents in FIFA 19

Need new players but can't afford expensive transfers? Here are the best free agents in FIFA 19.

How to Choose a Squad With The Best Potential in FIFA 19 Career Mode

The main thing you’ll look for when buying players in FIFA 19 is who has the greatest potential. Here’s the current squad of players whose ratings will grow the highest of them all.

Downward Spiral: Horus Station Review

Downward Spiral: Horus Station, a first-person action sci-fi game from 3rd Eye Studios, is pretty functional, but there’s a lot to it that could have been better.

FIFA 19 Review

FIFA comprises of two major player bases: those that play Ultimate Team, and those that don’t. The latter group has often felt underappreciated by EA Sports, and once again with FIFA 19 it has every reason to.

How to Make Money in FIFA 19 Career Mode

A rundown of the best ways to make money in FIFA 19 career mode. The dream is within reach... it just needs a bit of work!

How to Edit Players in Fifa 19 Career Mode

Sometimes you want a player to wear different boots, or change the tightness of their shirts to match the rest of the squad. Here’s how to edit players in Fifa 19’s career mode.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Review

World of Warcraft's latest expansion makes some welcome improvements, but scrapping some systems from Legion makes Battle for Azeroth feel like a step in the wrong direction.

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