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Kim Snaith and Richard Seagrave
Sometimes both editors write things together, because yay teamwork! You can find Rich on Twitter at @Spewer_Rich and Kim at @ichangedmyname.

Cancelled Games We Never Got to Play

Sometimes games just aren't given the chance they deserve to shine.

The Best Indie Games on Xbox One

An "indie" game isn't too easy to define these days, but we've done our best, and picked out the best indie games on Xbox One.

The Games Of 2018 You May Have Missed

2018 has been such a great year for games that there's plenty of low profile releases that have likely flown under your radar. These are some of the best.
Sunset Overdrive

The Best Xbox One Console Exclusive Games

Despite popular opinion, the Xbox One has plenty of quality exclusive games. Here are the ones which we think are the best.
Manual Samuel GOTY

The 12 Funniest Games of All Time

We love games. We love to laugh. So what could be better than playing a game that makes us laugh
Nintendo Direct e3 2018

Here’s Everything Announced at Nintendo Direct E3 2018

Missed the special E3 2018 Nintendo Direct? You could watch it, or you could just find out about all the announcements here. It's up to you.
Raven Remastered 4

The 10 Best Point and Click Adventure Games on Xbox One

Shooting and racing games are all well and good, but sometimes you want to play something a little more cerebral. Here are the best point and click adventure games available on Xbox One.
Monster Hunter World

Chasing After Your Prey Takes the Shine Off Monster Hunter World

Chasing after monsters in Monster Hunter World can become tedious after a while. That's where the game's Arena Quests come in.

Gaming News Round-up: 16th January

News? You want it, we've got it!

Gaming News of the Week: 8th-15th January

All of the week's gaming news in one handy place. Why click around when you can view it all on one page without any padding?

The 20 Best Nintendo Switch Games You Should Own

The Nintendo Switch may be less than a year old, but it has already got a huge library of great games. Here are the ones which we think are the best.
Breath of the Wild Fairy

GameSpew’s Top 10 Games of 2017

What a year 2017 has been! Bad for most things, but amazing for games. Picking the best games of 2017 is no easy feat, but here are GameSpew's top 10.
Nex Machina 5

GameSpew’s Top 10 Indie Games of 2017

Put aside your thoughts of Assassin's Creed or Super Mario Odyssey for a moment and let's spend some time celebrating the indie games of 2017 that have really blown us away.

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