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Kim's been into video games since playing Dizzy on her brother's Commodore 64 as a wee nipper. Video games may be her livelihood, but that doesn't mean she's very good at them. If she's not gaming, she's probably cooing over pictures of baby animals or watching re-runs of Friends for the 137th time. You'll also find Kim's work on Kotaku UK and Gizmodo UK.

Defenders of Ekron: Definitive Edition Review

It's a respectable addition to the shmup genre, and if you have yet to give it a go, Defenders of Ekron: Definitive Edition is definitely the way to go.

Housemarque Show Off Stormdivers, Its Upcoming Battle Royale

After announcing its move away from arcade shooters, Housemarque's next game, Stormdivers, is a battle royale title. Today, the first trailer for it has been revealed.

Check Out The Story Trailer for 11-11: Memories Retold

Bandai Namco has just released a brand new story trailer for the upcoming war-based adventure game, 11-11: Memories Retold.
Moonlighter 5-min

Nintendo Announces 15 New Indie Games Coming to Switch

Nintendo just released an Indie Highlights video, showcasing fifteen titles, old and new, making their way to Switch in the next few months.

Tetra’s Escape Review: Brainteasing Blocks

Tetra's Escape is far from perfect, but its level-based puzzles that all revolve around arranging blocks are ultimately satisfying to complete.
Onrush Header

ONRUSH’s Ranked Mode is Launching Today, And Here’s What it Includes

Since ONRUSH launched in June, there's been a placeholder for "Ranked Mode" on the main menu. Today, that placeholder will no longer say "coming soon".

DMarket Integration SDK launches on Unity Asset Store

The launch comes as part of a far-reaching gaming alliance between the two companies

Nintendo Switch’s Online Service Is Coming in Late September

From the second half of september, all Nintendo Switch users will need to purchase a Switch Online membership if they wish to play online.

10 Best Horror Games on PS4 That’ll Scare The Bejesus Out Of You

Here are 10 of the best horror games on PlayStation 4 that you shouldn't miss – that is, unless you're too scared...

It’s Time For Game Companies to Embrace Product Placement Advertising

Product placement is a big part of TV and movies, but it's not permeated video games in quite the same way – yet. Maybe now is the time for games companies to embrace it.

Check Out The Beautiful Announcement Trailer For Soundfall, A Rhythm-Based Action Game

Drastic Games, a development company made up of former Epic Games employees, has just revealed their debut game. It's called Soundfall, and it looks absolutely beautiful.

The Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter World Crossover Begins Today

Have you had the distinct feeling lately that your Final Fantasy XIV experience just hasn't had enough Rathalos battles in it? Well, today's your lucky day.

There’s Nothing Quite as Magical As Diablo 3’s Treasure Vault

No video game moment is sweeter than when a portal to The Vault opens in Diablo 3. 

Hot Pink is a Crazy Neon Breakout Clone

Hot Pink is neon, it's crazy, it's totally in-your-face. It takes the classic arcade Breakout formula and turns it up to eleven.

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse is Coming to Switch

First released in 2013, Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse is now making its way to Nintendo Switch. It'll be out in September, complete with new features.

Multiplayer Mode Arrives in Stardew Valley on PC Today

For those of you who've been craving to farm with your friends, the wait is finally over: Stardew Valley's multiplayer mode is available on PC from today.

Volantia: Kingdom in the Sky is a World-Building Sim With a Difference

Released on Steam in May, Volantia is a building sim all about reconstructing an ancient civilisation in the sky. But with puzzle elements and a unique ecosystem, Volantia isn't your typical Sim City clone.

80s-Inspired Adventure Crossing Souls is Now Available on Switch

Crossing Souls, inspired by 1980s video games and movies, is now available on Nintendo Switch.

Beckett is a Surrealist Point and Click Game Like No Other

Beckett isn't a game. It's an experience; a journey. One that you'll take and not quite know how to process once you're done.

Upcoming Point and Click Adventure ‘Lamplight City’ is One to Watch

Lamplight City is a point and click adventure game that follows private detective Miles Fordham, who happens to be haunted by a dead colleague.

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