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Kim's been into video games since playing Dizzy on her brother's Commodore 64 as a wee nipper. Video games may be her livelihood, but that doesn't mean she's very good at them. If she's not gaming, she's probably cooing over pictures of baby animals or watching re-runs of Friends for the 137th time. You'll also find Kim's work on Kotaku UK and Gizmodo UK.

Stadia Pro is Free for Everyone for Two Months

If you've been curious, now's the time to try it out.

Temtem’s Ranked Update Brings Matchmaking and More

Temtem developer Crema has today released details of the game's latest update, bringing ranked matchmaking, spectator mode and more.
Random heroes

Enjoy Some Old-Fashioned Platforming Fun in Random Heroes: Gold Edition

In an excellent case of doing exactly what it says on the tin, Woblyware's platforming action game Random Heroes is filled with, well, random heroes.

How to Terraform Your Land in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

One of Animal Crossing: New Horizons' biggest selling points was its new terraform feature. But how do you terraform your land?

How to Change Your Title in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Your islanders in Animal Crossing: New Horizons might comment on your and your friend's 'title' every so often, but what is this, and how do you change it?

The Latest Sims 4 Update on PC and Mac Addresses a Few Bugs

Great news: the male veterinarian coat now has a properly visible ID badge!
hot garbage journey to the savage planet

Journey to the Savage Planet is Getting Hot Garbage DLC Next Week

No, that's not a slur; Journey to the Savage Planet's upcoming DLC is actually called Hot Garbage. Announced during last night's Inside Xbox stream, colourful...
The Division 2 2 (1)

The Division 2’s Update 8.5 Introduces Bug Fixes and Balancing

Today, The Division 2 has been patched to address various bugs and balancing issues.
Exo Mech No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky Update 2.4 Introduces Exo Mech

Mechs have arrived in No Man's Sky!

There’s a New Sims 4 Expansion Pack Coming This Year

And a new Game Pack and Stuff Pack.
Stellaris 1-min

Stellaris Update 2.6.3 is Available as an Opt-in Patch for Steam Players

It addresses a number of balance, stability and performance issues.
Forza Horizon 4 4

Today’s Forza Horizon 4 Update Brings Back Horizon Promo

Along with various other fixes and changes.
Rock of Ages 3

Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break is a Must For Series Fans

If you've played either of the first two Rock of Ages games, you'll probably want a piece of the third.
Kunai 1 (1)

Quirky Metroidvania Kunai Now Has a Free Demo

And there's a 30% discount, too.

Lost Words: Beyond the Page Review

I was not prepared for the deluge of emotions that would come along with playing Lost Words: Beyond the Page.

HyperParasite Review

Ever wanted to be an alien with the ability to take over host bodies?

Nine Tekken Soundtracks Are Getting Vinyl Releases This Year

You didn't know you wanted the Tekken soundtrack so badly until now.

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