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Kim's been into video games since playing Dizzy on her brother's Commodore 64 as a wee nipper. She'll give just about anything a go, but she's got a soft spot for story-driven adventures and open world escapades. If she's not gaming, she's probably cooing over pictures of baby animals or watching re-runs of Friends for the 137th time.
Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain

Top 10 Anticipated Games of 2015

Okay, so 2015 might already be nearly half way over, but that doesn't mean there aren't still so many epic games releases to come. In...
Schrodingers Cat Review PS4

Schrödinger’s Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark Review

It goes without saying that you won't have played anything quite like Schrödinger's Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark before. For starters, the title...

Xbox E3: “The greatest games lineup in history”

E3 is just over a month away, and Xbox have today been teasing their briefing by stating they'll be revealing "the greatest games lineup...

Life is Strange Episode 3 coming 19 May

The wait is almost over for the next instalment of Dontnod Entertainment's hit episodic adventure. Life is Strange episode 3 - "Chaos Theory" - is being...
assassin's creed syndicate

The Lowdown on Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

Yesterday, Ubisoft confirmed the news we'd all been waiting for: the next Assassins's Creed is indeed set in London, and will be called Assassin's...
ether one review

Ether One Review

Ever wondered what it's like to enter someone else's memories? Thanks to Ether One, now you can. Essentially a first-person puzzle adventure game, Ether One...
assassin's creed syndicate

5 things we want to see in the new Assassin’s Creed

Everybody set your alarms for 5 p.m. GMT on Tuesday 12 May - Ubisoft are making a big reveal of the new Assassin's Creed...
Hotline Miami 2 Review

Video: the story behind Hotline Miami

Come watch the Hotline Miami documentary, following the game's production and success.
PT obituary

P.T.: an obituary to the epitome of horror

Following Konami's cancellation of their highly anticipated Silent Hills project in collaboration with Guillermo del Toro, P.T. has been removed from the PlayStation store. Unfortunately, even...
top 10 last gen games

Top 10 Last Gen Games

10 generation-defining games that everyone simply has to play

Your GameSpew Weekly Wipe-up #15

Well, we're a day late thanks to the long bank holiday weekend here in the UK! Last week was a slow week for news...

How Games Companies are Helping Nepal (and you can too)

Last Saturday, the country of Nepal was devastated by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. It was the worst the country has seen in almost 100...

Coming Soon to a Console Near You – The May Edition

The year is speeding by quickly - but that just means there's plenty of new games for us to play! May looks like it's...

Broken Age Review

Is Tim Schafer's newest offering broken, or ageless?

Your GameSpew Weekly Wipe-Up #14

Another week gone already! This week, Kim's been playing Rack n Ruin (which she reviewed here) and getting stuck into Tim Schafer's newest offering,...
Marvel Telltale Games

Marvel gets the Telltale treatment

Marvel and Telltale are joining forces to bring us a new project in 2017.
rack n ruin review

Rack n Ruin Review

*Evil cackle* the world is ours to destroy!

Your GameSpew Weekly Wipe-up #13

Happy Sunday, GameSpewers! We've had a busy week at GameSpew HQ, with Rich busy playing Mortal Kombat X ready for a review early next...
Titan Souls PS4 review

Titan Souls Review

Titan Souls. You see the word Souls in there, and you automatically think of Dark Souls and Demon Souls. And whilst Titan Souls is in...

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