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Mark Sammut

Born on a tiny island, Mark escaped his confined environment with the help of a controller and a screen. A life-long PlayStation gamer who adores Hack and Slash titles and RPGs (Western and Japanese), Mark believes that every genre deserves to be experienced more than once.

Orc Slayer Review

If nothing else, Orc Slayer delivers exactly what it promises on the tin. You do, in fact, slay Orcs. There we go then, the first positive of...

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII Review

Romance of the Three Kingdoms has been challenging gamers to unite China during the turbulent Han Dynasty since 1985. Following the disappointing XII addition, a...

Sky To Fly: Faster than Wind Review

Mobile games have their place. They can offer a delightful time-killing experience that does not require any real commitment by the gamer. Most of these...

Mushroom Wars Review

Mushroom Wars has been around for a while. Seven years actually, since its original digital release on the PS3. It took four years to...

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