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Matt has been an avid gamer since he first ventured to Zebes in Super Metroid. If he's not there, he's probably racking his mind over a puzzler, running through a JRPG, or grinding Dark Souls again. You can find him at your local bookstore, disc golf course, or friendly Smash Bros. tournament otherwise. With a background in Linguistics and Creative Writing, he loves writing about anything from gaming to semiotics.

Soccer Slammers Review: Abbreviated Entertainment

Despite its fun art style and great arcade feel, Soccer Slammers doesn’t capture the magic and spirit of the sport it emulates.

Owlboy Feels At Home on Nintendo Switch

Owlboy is exactly the kind of game the Switch lives for.

Bloodborne #4: Titan Comics Closes The First Chapter

The conclusion of The Death of Sleep is an intriguing end to a well-orchestrated spin on the Bloodborne universe.

Wizard of Legend Review: Casting the Night Away

Wizard of Legend is all the the things I absolutely love about Magicka 2 blended together with the replay value and challenge I adore about The Binding of Isaac.

Laser League Review: A Sensational and Enthralling Tour de Force

Laser League reminds you, like all my favourite games of yesteryear, that gaming is supposed to be fun.

Phantom Trigger Review: Unfiltered Excitement and Energy

A pixelated hack-n’-slash with light RPG elements, Phantom Trigger is a fast-paced, delightfully difficult, and exceedingly fun adventure.

Nintendo Labo Variety Kit Review: Imagination and Creativity

As the tech advances and Nintendo goes back to the lab, I think we will continue to see Labo grow. I am keen to see where this goes.

BAFL – Brakes Are For Losers Review: Good Fun, But Not Much Else

BAFL - Brakes Are For Losers is the latest racing game to come to Nintendo Switch, and it doesn’t quite have the staying power of the others.
Warframe Mods

A Quick Guide to Understanding Mods in Warframe

Success and survival in the end game of Warframe is not entirely dependent on skill and ability. It’s also a matter of properly applying and understanding one thing: Mods.
Spellsworn screenshot

Spellsworn Review: A Mostly Magical Experience

Without being overly flashy and falling short, Spellsworn instead aims to be accessible and enjoyable, and it nails that when everything is firing on all cylinders.
Fortnite Header

5 Fortnite Battle Royale Tips From One Beginner to Another

Needless to say, Fortnite is sweeping the gaming scene off its feet the world over. Well, namely its Battle Royale mode. I avoided it for a while, but finally dove in. Here’s what’s helped me get through.

A Photo Journey Through Shadow Of The Colossus

After having it recommended to me over and over again, I finally dove into the beautiful world of Shadow of the Colossus. It was every bit the journey I was told it was.

Super Inefficient Golf Review: Short Fuse, Explosive Fun

Developer 34BigThings offers a unique, engaging, and plain old fun game with Super Inefficient Golf. Though it’s painfully short, it’s an excellently crafted experience.

How to Sell Items From Your Inventory in Warframe

Follow these simple steps to learn how to access your inventory and sell your items in Warframe.

Deiland Review: Big Heart, Little Life

Deiland does offer an incredibly methodic and strangely calming gaming experience, but it also comes with plenty of problems.
Rainbow Six Siege

Outbreak is a Fun Yet Brief Addition to Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege has proven it has the staying power to remain relevant for years. With the latest Operation Chimera update, the new PvE Outbreak mode adds to the fun.

How to Trade in Warframe

Here’s a simple breakdown of how to trade in Warframe, what it entails, and what you need to get started.

10 Best Locations in the Metroid Franchise

Since the original Metroid graced the Famicom in 1986, Samus has explored a load of memorable locales.

Blasters of the Universe Review: Up Close and Virtual

With more to love than there is to hate, Blasters of the Universe can definitely satiate those looking for something a little different in VR.

Rad Rodgers Review: Not So Rad

Rad Rodgers is an ode to classic 90s platformers, but it never quite manages to capture the magic of its predecessors.

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