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An avid gamer since discovering the wonders of the Acorn Electron in the '80s, Rich has nearly played more games than he's had hot dinners. Not one to put all his eggs in one basket, Rich is happy to play games of all genres, but he particularly enjoys racing games and anything that's full of non-stop action, especially if it includes a good dose of humour, horror or crudeness!

The Best Games Available on PS Now

PS Now offers hundreds of games for you to play on PS4, PS5 or PC. Here are the best games you can play via the service if you subscribe.
Gnosia 1

Gnosia Review

Trapped aboard a drifting spaceship, can you identify the Gnosia and put them into cold sleep before they kill everyone else?
PixelJunk Raiders 1 (1)

PixelJunk Raiders is a Hard Game to Like, Let Alone Love

Available now and exclusive to Google Stadia, PixelJunk Raiders is a beautiful looking game that just isn't much fun to play.
Mortal Shell Enhanced Edition 3

Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition Review

Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition brings the indie Souls-like to next-gen consoles, and thanks to DualSense implementation it shines on PS5.
Yakuza Like a Dragon 1

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is Now Available on PS5

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is now available on PS5, and those who already own the PS4 version can upgrade for free.
Cuphead 1 (1)

The Hardest Games on Switch

Like a challenge whether you're at home or on the go? We've put together a list of the hardest games on Switch for your gaming (dis)pleasure.
Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection 1 (1)

Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection Review

Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection lets players step into the role of brave knight Arthur once again. And as ever, it's an arduous affair.
Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 1

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 Review

Bigger and better than its predecessor in every possible way, monster truck fans will have fun with Monster Jam Steel Titans 2.
Guilty Gear Strive 2 (1)

Guilty Gear Strive is a Feast for the Eyes on PS5

Launching on 9th April, fighting game Guilty Gear Strive is set to be a feast for the eyes for those playing on PS5.
Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake Heads Up March’s PS Plus Offerings

It may be launching on PS5 later this year, but PS Plus members can play the PS4 version of Final Fantasy VII Remake for free this March.

Outriders’ Demo Gives a Taste of the Looter-Shooter Action to Expect This April

The Outriders demo is available to download from today, and from first impressions, it's shaping up to be rather fun.
Bravely Default II 5

Bravely Default II Review

Bravely Default II is a wonderfully old-fashioned RPG with deep combat and lots charm. It's just a shame it wants you to grind so much.
Curse of the Dead Gods 4

Curse of the Dead Gods Review

It's not for the faint of heart, but Rogue-like fans will definitely want to explore temples in Curse of the Dead Gods.

PUSS! is an Addictive But Hard-as-Nails Fever Dream

Like surreal, challenging games? You probably ought to check out PUSS!, described by its developers as an avoid 'em up.
Persona 5 Strikers 1 (1)

How to Increase Bond Level in Persona 5 Strikers

Wondering how you increase your Bond level in Persona 5 Strikers so you can acquire more Bond Skills? Here's your answer.
Persona 5 Strikers 3

How Many Jails are There in Persona 5 Strikers?

Started playing Persona 5 Strikers and wondering how many Jails there are in the game? We've got the answer you're looking for.
Taxi Chaos 1

Taxi Chaos Review

With SEGA denying us a new Crazy Taxi game, Lion Castle has delivered Taxi Chaos. It's a rip-off alright, but at least it's a decent one.

With its Latest Update, Blasphemous is a Must-Play

With numerous updates since launch adding new content and making gameplay tweaks, our love for Blasphemous has grown to new heights.

The Best Single-Player Games on PC

Want some epic single-player games to get stuck into on PC? We've assembled a list of the best to help you along the way.
Persona 5 Strikers 4 (1)

How Long Does it Take to Beat Persona 5 Strikers?

Wondering how long it will take you to beat the excellent Persona 5 Strikers? We've got all the info you need to know right here.

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