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Editor in Chief // An avid gamer since discovering the wonders of the Acorn Electron in the '80s, Rich has nearly played more games than he's had hot dinners. Not one to put all his eggs in one basket, Rich is happy to play games of all genres, but he particularly enjoys racing games and anything that's full of non-stop action, especially if it includes a good dose of humour, horror or crudeness!
Need for Speed Payback

Need for Speed: Payback Revealed

Releasing on the 10th November, Need for Speed: Payback has you heading into the underworld of Fortune Valley to take down a cartel known as The House.
Tokyo 42 Temple

Tokyo 42 Review

Touted as Syndicate meets Grand Theft Auto, Tokyo 42 is a unique game that defies genre, and it's one that you should definitely give a chance.
Formula Fusion Header

Move Over Wipeout, Formula Fusion Launches Today

Formula Fusion by developer R8 Games has finally left Early Access, and for fans of the Wipeout series it’s well worth a look.

Shadow Warrior 2 Review (Xbox One)

Wang is back, and this time, he doesn't have to fight alone. Find out why Shadow Warrior 2 is a sequel worthy of your time in our review.

Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada Review

Chronicling the rise and fall of the Sanada clan, Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada has a story that spans 54 years. But is it worth checking out?
Shadow Warrior 2 Header

The Mystery of Shadow Warrior 2’s Craziest Weapon

If you’ve not played Flying Wild Hog’s excellent follow up to their reboot of Shadow Warrior yet, you’re missing out on something big. Real big.

The Environmental Beauty of Shadow Warrior 2

Feast your eyes on some screenshots of Shadow Warrior 2’s beautiful locations, complete with their intoxicating supernatural haze.
Injustice 2 SP Header

Injustice 2 is Great, Because it Caters for the Single-Player Gamer

It doesn't matter if I never have another online fight in Injustice 2. There's just so much to do playing by myself that I'll not miss it.
Conarium Header

Conarium Brings Some Lovecraftian Horror to PCs on 6th June

Conarium places you in the shoes of Frank Gilman, a man opening his eyes to find himself in a room filled with pulsating noises.
Fidelio Incident Header

The Fidelio Incident Review

Inspired by games such as Firewatch and Gone Home, as well as Beethoven's only opera, Fidelio, The Fidelio Incident is definitely worthy of your attention.

10 Games That Fans of Twin Peaks Will Love

Whether they feature a similarly kooky cast of characters or just have the same mystery about them, here are 10 games that fans of Twin Peaks will love.
Disgaea 5 1

The Best Place to Play Disgaea 5 is on the Nintendo Switch

Disgaea 5 Complete for the Nintendo Switch is a title that’s definitely worth picking up if you’re a fan of strategy RPGs.

Fancy a Laugh? GAME UK Has Just Launched an “Elite” Loyalty Scheme

The newly-announced GAME Elite scheme builds on the already existing loyalty card program to provide the ultimate GAME retail experience.

Consoles Get More Wang with the Release of Shadow Warrior 2

Everyone needs more Wang in their lives. Well, except children. Wang should certainly be kept away from children at all costs.

RIP Chris Cornell, Whose Music I Discovered Via Road Rash

Thanks for the music and the memories, Chris. You will never be forgotten.

Injustice 2’s Harley Quinn is Startlingly Lifelike

Introduced early in Injustice 2’s excellent story mode, something about Harley Quinn makes her stand out among its considerable cast of characters.

Injustice 2 Has The Best Floor in Videogames

Floors are something that we take for granted, literally walking all over them every day without a care. Can we make an effort to appreciate them more?

Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle Adds Nintendo Switch to Launch Platforms

Previously announced for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle will now also launch on the Nintendo Switch too.
Injustice 2 Header

Injustice 2 Makes a Strong First Impression

Suffice to say, I’m looking forward to spending much more time with Injustice 2, trying out all of its modes and amassing loot whilst doing so.
Narcosis Header

Narcosis Review

Narcosis doesn’t offer the most bang for your buck, but it does offer a unique experience that holds you’re attention like a vice until its very end.

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