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Robert loves JRPGs and horror games but is open to trying any game. His favourite console is the PS1 and he loves to play classic 90s games. He loves belly rubs and walks on the beach while listening to Jamie T.

In Snake Pass, You Need to ‘Think Like a Snake’

Snake Pass can be summed up by the advice I was given by a developer: “Think like a snake!”

The Sexy Brutale: Nine Minutes of Pure Mystery and Intrigue

Sexy Brutale is a new puzzle game being developed by Cavalier Game Studios with a focus on time manipulation and creepy Victorian-era mystery.

Herald Review

Herald is an interactive story. It's a game that functions like an elegant choose-your-own-adventure book; one that is as fully packed with detail as...

Yooka-Laylee: Bringing the Collectathon Back With a Bang

I may have only had a couple of hours with the game, but already, I can’t recommend Yooka-Laylee highly enough.

Kill The Bad Guy Review

Kill the Bad Guy is a decent puzzle game that is worth a stab if you are in the mood to be challenged.

LEGO Worlds is Much More Than Just a Minecraft Clone

LEGO Worlds is due for release next month and people are still confused to the nature of the game. It is not a Minecraft clone but much more...

Aliens Go Home Run Review

Aliens Go Home Run is a great 2D arcade blast from the past. It’s as if Breakout met Space Invaders and they had a beautiful baby!

Imprint-X Review

Imprint-X will make you feel like you're on a transcendent futuristic space journey – but keep it short, otherwise you might get bored.

Townsmen Review

A medieval town-builder, Townsmen doesn’t really stand out amongst its competitors. But its joyful look and logistic-focused gameplay makes it worth your while if...

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – Episode 2: Ties That Bind Part II Review

Releasing on the same day as Episode 1, Episode 2 of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier concludes a double bill opening. For Ties That Bind...

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – Episode 1: Ties That Bind Part I Review

A horde of zombies, scrapping for supplies, death all around. It most certainly is a new Telltale Walking Dead season. Opening as a double bill, with two...

WinKings Review

WinKings (a play on Vikings) is an arena shooter with terrific visuals and a Nordic soundtrack to die for. But the promising art style coupled with only decent...

Yesterday Origins Review

Yesterday Origins delves you deep into a story of great lore and even greater charm; a point and click adventure that delivers on its...

‘Snow’ Gives You a New Way to Play Alpine Sports

The aptly named Snow is a game all about snowboarding and skiing. Who would have thought? It’s all about skill and precision; you are always...

Hopiko Review

Hopiko is intense. It is merciless. It is bloody fast and it certainly doesn’t hold your hand. It’s gorgeous and has a soundtrack that sounds...

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today Review

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today plays out in a post-apocalyptic nightmare. There has been a rift in time that has destabilised the world. It has...

Clustertruck Review

Clustertruck is marvellous. Marvellous not in the sense it has a wonderfully told, intricate story, but marvellous in the way that it is absolutely ridiculous...

Oasis Playstion VR Games: A Preview

You can be forgiven for not knowing of Oasis Games, developers and publishers of predominantly browser and mobile games (many of which are not...

Shiny Gauntlet Review

Shiny Gauntlet is a dungeon crawling/rogue-like that makes you explore through various rooms for the purpose of getting as far as you can. The...

One Way Trip Review

One Way Trip is barely a game, at least not in the conventional sense. Instead it is a unique experience that truly takes your...

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