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Saul wants to show the non-believers why video games matter. His favourite game is Simcopter, he has a deeply rooted fear of MMOs, and also plays a pretty mean video game theme accordion medley.

Raiden V Director’s Cut Review: Fast and Frantic

Raiden V Director's Cut delivers familiar frenetic action that will appeal to most people. Just don't ask me what the story is about.

Infinite Minigolf Review: A Hole in One

Though not quite a hole-in-one, Infinite Minigolf swings for family-friendly fun and follows it through to a tee. Zen Studios' latest is a wonderful example of a...

Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy Review: Equally Good, Equally Bad

Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy is like eating your way through a whole box of Quality Street: there's good (hazelnut in caramel) and bad (orange creme) in equal measure.

Sega Forever Means Free Games for Everyone!

Sega Forever is a free collection of almost every Sega game ever made. The Sega Forever Collection is out now for iOS and Android devices.

Human: Fall Flat Review (PS4)

Ever had that dream where you're constantly falling for eternity? Human: Fall Flat embraces this common nightmare as the foundation for its 3D, third-person physics puzzle game.

Troll and I Review

Troll and I is an ambitious undertaking that packs some good ideas. However, poor delivery makes it a hard game to recommend, especially in its current condition.

Many Game Devs Considering Leaving the UK Following Brexit

A study by industry trade body Ukie has found that 40% of British game developers are considering relocating their studios following the UK's decision to leave the EU.

Old Time Hockey Review

Old Time Hockey delivers a satisfying combination of arcade inspired ice hockey gameplay, entertaining humour and mildly comic casual violence. Here's a great example of a game that does...

Warhammer Quest Review

Warhammer Quest originally began its life as a table-top board game. The video game adaptation stays very true to its roots, featuring the same mechanics and...

10 Video Game Houses You Just Wouldn’t Want to Buy

Imagine for a moment, the plight of the Yharnham property developer. Once a charming and idyllic Victorian town, lately Yharnham has been transformed into a terrifying...

Top 10 MS-DOS Games That You Really Should Play

Microsoft’s first operating system MS-DOS was released in 1981, and between then until support for the OS ceased in 2000, thousands upon thousands of game were released.

Getting a Job in Video Games… Literally

Ever dreamed of working in video games? Underpaid and under-appreciated, these are the video game professions screaming out for new applicants.

This Australian News Report About a GTA 5 Mod is Both Hilarious and Alarming

At one point the presenter proclaims, "I actually didn't realise that Grand Theft Auto was still on the market".

Eight Years On, Spelunky is Still a Near Perfect Game

At first glance, Spelunky looks like any other platformer. Though dive a little deeper, and you'll discover a vast treasure trove of player discovery, creativity and challenge.

Semispheres Review

Semispheres is a unique and challenging puzzle game whose main mechanic has the player controlling two characters across seperate, but linked realities.

Has Nintendo Ceased Production of the NES Classic Edition?

Nintendo is ceasing production and distribution of the NES Classic Edition, after only four months on the market – at least in Nordic countries.

1997 Classic ‘Constructor’ Coming to Nintendo Switch Alongside PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Constructor HD will release on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 31st January, while the Switch release is set to follow on 28th April.

Nintendo Switch Rumours and Cautious Optimism

Nintendo's big reveal of Nintendo Switch's release date and lineup is just a few hours away. Will the rumours be true? Is it safe to be optimistic?
Minecraft 3

Reinventing the Classroom Through Games-Based Learning

Before I decided to chase a career in the high-flying world *cough* of video games writing, I used to be a teacher. I taught English...

Games That Changed Our Lives #35: Simcopter

Though loads of kids at my school were into video games, nobody except my friend Adam and I had ever heard of Simcopter. In the playground we...

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