Saul Muscat


Human: Fall Flat Review (PS4)

Ever had that dream where you're constantly falling for eternity? Human: Fall Flat embraces this common nightmare as the foundation for its 3D, third-person physics puzzle game.

Troll and I Review

Troll and I is an ambitious undertaking that packs some good ideas. However, poor delivery makes it a hard game to recommend, especially in its current condition.

Old Time Hockey Review

Old Time Hockey delivers a satisfying combination of arcade inspired ice hockey gameplay, entertaining humour and mildly comic casual violence. Here's a grea...

Warhammer Quest Review

Warhammer Quest originally began its life as a table-top board game. The video game adaptation stays very true to its roots, featuring the same mechanics and t...

Semispheres Review

Semispheres is a unique and challenging puzzle game whose main mechanic has the player controlling two characters across seperate, but linked realities.