Sean Mesler

Top Five Games From the Show Floor of E3 2017

My feet are sore. I’m exhausted and I can’t wait to lay down and sleep in my own bed. With that said, E3 2017 was a great year and now upon reflection, I’ve decided my top five games of the show - and they might not be what you expect.

Friday the 13th: The Game Review

Crouched in a cabin, desperately searching for car keys to the newly repaired, refuelled car, the ominous sound of frantic music sends shivers up my spine.

Zero Escape: The Nonary Games Review

Trapped in a foreign place with eight other strangers, a mysterious numbered bracelet on your wrist and only a vague recollection of how you got there, you’re tasked with solving puzzles and making uneasy alliances to escape.

Top 10 PlayStation 4 Games of 2016

It was a great year to be a PS4 owner. Besides the litany of third party games, this year also saw the release of Naughty Dog’s first proper PS4 release, Unchar...

The Last Guardian Review

The Last Guardian is – and I can’t put too fine a point on this – the most beautiful game I’ve ever played. I’m not just speaking visually; sure, it is certain...

Watch Dogs 2 Review

Despite mostly positive reviews you would think Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs was a travesty. Amidst cries of “downgraded” graphics, a rote campaign and an entirely too ...