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Gaming has been a life-long love for Stan. To him, there's nothing better than getting lost in a single player adventure. He calls Hyrule home, but occasionally also ventures to a galaxy far far away... Fancy a game of Gwent?

Thea: The Awakening Review

Adventure meets survival and board gaming in Thea: The Awakening.

Star Wars: A Lost Hope For a Good Game

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, there used to be decent Star Wars games…

Through a Child’s Eyes: The Important of Childhood in Narrative Video Games

Adding a childhood flashback or a young protagonist to a videogame can be a very important storytelling device.

The 10 Best Silent Protagonists in Video Games

In order to give a voice to these (mostly) voiceless heroes we list the top 10 silent protagonists in all of gaming.

Why the Silent Protagonist Can Be the Loudest of All

Silence is golden, and in gaming, silence can be everything.

The 10 Best Tolkien Games of All Time

Which is the one true game to rule them all?

Football Manager 2019 Has The 2022 FIFA World Cup All Figured Out

No one really knows how the football world is going to deal the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Except the developers of Football Manager, it seems.
God of War

I’m Sick of Video Game DLC

DLC has almost become the standard for big releases, but in my opinion, it really shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Titan Comics’ Life is Strange Issue 2: Dust Delves Deep into the Past for...

“The road to Arcadia Bay felt like tracing a vein right back to the heart of the storm.”

10 Tips To Be Successful in Football Manager 2019 Touch

Follow these 10 tips for success in Football Manager 2019 and build your own football legacy.

How to Succeed as a Lower League Club in Football Manager 2019 Touch

Getting out of the lower leagues can be tough in Football Manager Touch 2019, but it’s much easier if you use these tactics.

How to Get The Best Players For Cheap in Football Manager 2019 Touch

Want star players in Football Manager 2019 Touch on Nintendo Switch, but don't want to pay massive amounts of money for them? Here's how to get them on the cheap.

How the Nintendo Switch Could Dominate in 2019 Too

Nintendo’s first party game lineup in 2019 means that is could be another year of celebration for the Switch.
Fallout 76 2018-11-22 16-52-29

Five New Year’s Resolutions the Gaming Industry Needs to Make

As all the gaming industry join hands to sing on New Years, what should they be reflecting on?

Five Christmas Movies We Want to See Made Into Games

We’ve made a list, and checked it twice, of five great Christmas films that we think should be adapted into festive games for all to enjoy.

Trouserheart Review

A game with a lot of heart, but lacking where it counts.

Football Manager 2019 Touch Review

Football Manager 2019 Touch is so much more than its iOS/Android namesake; it’s the beautiful game made even more beautiful.

Five Key Differences in Football Manager 2019 Touch on Nintendo Switch

Take your managerial know-how on the go with the Nintendo Switch.

The Best Christmas Gifts For Zelda Fans

Buying Christmas gifts can be more tricky than completing the Water Temple. But this year there’s no need for fear! We’ve got the top 10 gifts that would make any Zelda fan’s Christmas legendary.

The 10 Best Video Game-Themed Christmas Jumpers

So here it is, gaming Christmas, everyone is having fun, look to these gaming jumpers: the fun has just begun!

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