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Gaming has been a life-long love for Stan. To him, there's nothing better than getting lost in a single player adventure. He calls Hyrule home, but occasionally also ventures to a galaxy far far away... Fancy a game of Gwent?

How the Premier League’s Rule Changes Could Affect FIFA 20

With new rules and VAR being included in English football, Fifa 20 will no doubt include these additions too. We examine what difference they will make.

10 Reasons to Be Excited About GreedFall

GreedFall is an RPG based on a voyage to a mysterious island. There's magic, monsters and a great story. Here's the 10 most exciting things about GreedFall.

The Best Wrestling Games of all Time 

There's been so many great wrestling games throughout the years. But this list of the 10 best wrestling games of all time will crown one true champion.

The 10 Most Adorable Protagonists in Gaming

Everyone loves an adorable protagonist. We've ranked the 10 most adorable protagonists in a list that is sure to make you go "awwwwww."

The Best Cricket Games You Can Play Right Now

Forget a four or a six, these are the five cricket games you want.

Cricket 19 Review

Cricket 19 is the official game of the 2019 Ashes series, but offers so much more.

10 Changes Fans Want to See in Fifa 20

Fifa is one of the biggest gaming franchises in the world, but it's grown stale. Here are the changes we really want to see in Fifa 20.

The Best James Bond Games

Since 1982 there's been a wide range of great 007 games, but we've narrowed it down to the 10 best.

The Joy of the Video Game Collector’s Edition

Collector's Editions can be pricey. But it's rare to see a big release now without a collector's edition included. So why are they so popular?

Six Reasons Why Princess Zelda Should Be a Playable Character

Princess Zelda has featured in almost every Zelda game. However, she's never been a playable character. Here's six reasons why Zelda should be playable.

Dragon Quest Builders 2: How to Follow a Blueprint

In Dragon Quest Builders 2 blueprints need to be followed on specific builds. But they're not always easy to follow. Here's everything you need to know.

How to Discard Items in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is full of materials and items ready to be collected and stored away. Here's everything you need to know about discarding the things you don't want.
Dragon Quest Builders 2 (1)

How to Increase Your HP in Dragon Quest Builders 2

You'll not only be building in Dragon Quest Builders 2, you'll also be fighting. And for that you'll need a lot of health. Here's how to increase your HP.
Dragon Quest Builders

Dragon Quest Builders 2: How to Learn New Builds and Recipes

Building and crafting is the lifeblood of Dragon Quest Builders 2. But not everything available to you straight away. Here's how you unlock new builds and recipes.

How to Level Up Quickly in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Although Dragon Quest Builders 2 is primarily focused on building, levelling up becomes quite important in certain moments of the game. Here's everything you need to know.

How to Fast Travel in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Want to get about quickly in Dragon Quest Builders 2? Here's everything you need to know about how to fast travel.

How to Level Up Your Base in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Levelling up your base in Dragon Quest Builders 2 provides many benefits. But just how do you do it?

Dragon Quest Builders 2: How to Collect Yellow Hearts Quickly

Wondering how to get more yellow hearts in Dragon Quest Builders 2? Here's everything you need to know.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Review

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is close enough to being the building canvas you have always hoped for, and it gives you the power to be the creative builder you’ve always wanted to be.

Preview: Dragon Quest Builders 2 Promises a Fun Adventure With Endless Possibilities

Having already spent many hours with Dragon Quest Builders 2, I have to say that I’m very impressed.

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