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Gaming has been a life-long love for Stan. To him, there's nothing better than getting lost in a single player adventure. He calls Hyrule home, but occasionally also ventures to a galaxy far far away... Fancy a game of Gwent?

The Best Star Wars Games of All Time

Seems that making a great Star Wars game ain’t as easy as dusting crops, farm boy.

The Best Playable Child Characters in Video Games

From Chloe and Max in Life is Strange, to a glimpse of young Lara in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, here are our favourite child protagonists in video games.

The 10 Best Simpsons Games of All Time, Ranked

Grab some Duffs, and snack so much that you’ll need a muumuu. This is the ultimate list of the best Simpsons games.
Breath of the Wild

The 10 Best Silent Protagonists in Video Games

From Crash Bandicoot to Claude from Grand Theft Auto 3, here are the best silent protagonists in the world of video games.
Legend of Zelda Breath of the WIld

The Best Legend of Zelda Games of All Time, Ranked

Few game franchises have created a legacy like The Legend of Zelda.
Best Toy Story Video Games

The Best Toy Story Video Games Of All Time

To infinity, and beyond!

The Best Games Based on Lord of the Rings, Ranked

Which is the one true game to rule them all?

The 10 Best Mario Sports Games of All Time, Ranked

Forget gold coins, Mario is after the true Gold in these sporting classics.

The Best James Bond Games

Since 1982 there's been a wide range of great 007 games, but we've narrowed it down to the 10 best.

The Best Games Set in London

London's calling.
Ghost of Tsushima

The Five Best Moments from Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is full of tense standoffs, dramatic twists, and challenging decisions. These are the best moments from Jin's journey.
The Last of Us Part II

The 10 Best Videogame Sequels of All Time

A great sequel can turn a good standalone game into a brilliant franchise. These are the 10 best gaming sequels of all time.

South Park Games, Ranked From Worst to Best

From karting to RPGs, there's been quite a few South Park games over the last 20 years. Here they all are, ranked from worst to best.

The Best Cricket Games You Can Play Right Now

Forget a four or a six, these are the five cricket games you want.
Hogwarts Legacy

10 Things You Might Not Know About Hogwarts Legacy

Forget reading Hogwarts: A History - with Hogwarts Legacy you get to create the history

Nine Video Games That Prepared Us For Living Through a Pandemic

2020 has been a year of changes. But thankfully these nine games have taught us how to cope with them, and how to endure 2020.
The Last of Us Part II Artwork

The Best Moments in The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II is full of highly memorable moments including both Ellie and Abby. These are the 6 best moments that stand out the most.

Seven Tips to Help You Get Started in Farmer’s Dynasty

The farmer's life is never easy – not until you've learned the ropes, at least.
Star Wars: Squadrons

We Have a Good Feeling About Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons follows the events after the destruction of the second Death Star, and features 5v5 dogfighting in ships that are iconic to Star Wars

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