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Last Will Review

Anyone who is familiar with escape rooms can tell you that they encourage fun, critical thinking for you and your friends.

I, Zombie Review

"Which brains do I need to munch on first?" is the question that I always asked myself at the beginning of every level in...

Action News Heroes Review

Action News Heroes is a mediocre shooter that is brought down even further by its annoying music, frustrating rating system, and lack of replayability.

Typoman: Revised Review

The concept behind Typoman: Revised is an interesting one, but the game fumbles a lot on its implementation.

Obliteracers Review

This indie battle racer delivers on fun gameplay and tons of explosions that make for a good party game.

Hero Defense – Haunted Island Review

It’s weird to think of a tower defense game without towers, but no better phrase exists to describe Hero Defense - Haunted Island. Rather than...

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