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A recent graduate of American Studies at The University of Nottingham and back in the UK after living/studying in New York for a year, Tom enjoys stealth, action-adventure, and non-fantasy RPGs.

Project Cars 2 Hands-On Preview: The Most Authentic Racing Experience Ever?

Slightly Mad Studious state that Project Cars 2 will aim to be the “pinnacle of authenticity”.
Tekken 7 1

Tekken 7 Preview – A Return to Form for the Series?

Two players; one on one. That’s the core of Tekken and 7 only seems to further this crucial series.

Play Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta From 3rd February

Want to play Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands before it launches in March? The closed beta starts on 3rd February. Register now!

Toby: The Secret Mine Review

Limbo is an almost constant overbearing influence on Toby, but when the game decides to move away from the shadow of Playdead's masterpiece and attempts to craft a more unique experience, it truly shines in places.

Spheroids Review

The horizon actually looks very hopeful for indie releases in 2017, but Spheroids from Eclipse Games just doesn't cut the grade.

Report: Zelda: Breath of the Wild will Release as a Launch Title for Switch After All

Will it or won't it? There's been conflicting reports, but leaked promotional material is pointing towards Breath of the Wild being a launch title after all.

Sony Has Sold 53.4 million Units of the PS4 Globally

It seems that Sony had a better Christmas than some of us. It's been reported that the holidays boosted the sales of the PS4...

2016: A Year of Glorious Capitalism in the Games Industry

Even Trotsky and Lenin with their blood-red, hammer-and sickle-beating hearts would have bought into the games industry in 2016. If they were alive. And...

Super Mario Run Launches Today

Super Mario Run, the first time that Nintendo have fully established themselves in the mobile gaming market, is available on iOS from today. Although Nintendo have...

Super Mario Run will release on 15 December

Super Mario Run, Nintendo's foray into the mobile gaming world of iOS devices will launch on 15th December, and can be purchased in full...

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will not be part of the launch line-up for The Switch

After winning multiple awards at last year's E3, the new Zelda game, Breath of the Wild, has been a hotly anticipated release. However, fans...

Nintendo Switch Rumoured to be £199 at Launch

Ever since Nintendo very excitedly announced the launch of their new hardware - the Nintendo Switch - there has been an ongoing discussion regarding...

New Mafia 3 trailer focuses on weaponry

A brand new trailer for Mafia 3 has been released and it may be the most violent yet. For a good reason, too. The recent...

Playdead’s Inside: An Allegory for Mental Health?

 INSIDE by Playdead is at the same moment one of the greatest video games of the last ten years and a dense, fascinating and inspired...

PlayStation Meeting Recap

A higher GPU! PS4 Pro! The Slim! HDR Hair! 4k Support! The PlayStation Meeting in New York  was an interesting affair; we learned more technical words...

Valley Review

Playing Valley is like watching Wyatt Earp after Tombstone, like sitting down to Day of the Dead straight after The Return of the Living Dead. It's not necessarily terrible...

Japanese PM dresses as Super Mario at Rio Closing Ceremony

Rio gave way to Tokyo 2020 in fitting fashion last night. The prime minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, appeared dressed in a Super Mario...

Spotify launch channel for video game music

Spotify have launched a dedicated channel to video game music. The streaming service has included many popular game soundtracks as well as inviting game...

No Man’s Sky developers hire QA team to work on future patches

Hello Games have hired a substantial QA team to work on the console version of No Man's Sky. The QA team will work alongside the developors...

Firewatch: The Perfect Summer Game

Summer is a time of mystic exploration; of sun that bakes the concrete of streets and the wheat of fields. It's a time of discovering...

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