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Wesley is a writer and actor living in Chicago in a tiny studio apartment who spends his days gaming, reading comic books, watching TV and occasionally going to his day job. He's been playing games since the Atari 2600, has owned every major Nintendo system, and thinks Chrono Trigger is the greatest game ever made. He plays everything he can get his hands on except for sports titles, racing simulators and RTS games.
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JYDGE Review: Judge Not So Dreddful

At the heart of JYDGE lays an interesting twin-stick shooter with an abundance of gameplay changing mods, but forced repetition sucks out much of the fun.

Videogames and Narrative: It’s a Matter of Perspective

It's high time for video games to start approaching their narratives from a different angle.

You Can Join the Destiny 2 Beta Right Now Without a Pre-order

There's a way to join the "fun" early without putting $5 down.

The Beautiful Nihilism of Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a tremendous achievement.

Don’t Call Gaming Addictive

I've lost myself in certain video games for days before. But I'm not an addict, and you likely aren't either.

Physical Edition of Lego City Undercover Saddled With 13GB Download on Switch

If you were hoping to buy Lego City Undercover physically on Nintendo Switch in the hope of saving some internal storage space then you can think again.
nioh boss

Nioh Takes a Sledgehammer to Dark Souls’ Brick Wall

Where Dark Souls presents a brick wall that I'm instructed to climb over or risk being crushed, Nioh hands me a sledgehammer and says "go to town, friend."

I Just Sold a Nintendo Switch for $100 Profit Because Nintendo Wanted Me to Have It

My brother has more foresight than I do and decided to put no less than three Nintendo Switch consoles on layaway at Walmart immediately...

We Are Chicago Review

According to the Chicago Tribune, 4,368 people were victims of gun violence in the Chicago area during all of 2016. That same year we saw...

Destiny: Rise of Iron Review

Yep, I did it. I bought Rise of Iron. I've been off Destiny for almost a year now and yet, with the fallow release schedule...

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Review

Much of what Deus Ex: Mankind Divided attempts is admirable. On paper, it seems like there should be an awful lot to love here and...

I Am Setsuna Review

Factpinion: Chrono Trigger was and is the greatest game ever made. With that in mind, I hope you won't judge me for telling Kim that I...

The Solus Project Review

Wow! Just wow! The Solus Project is the first game I've played this year that has completely shattered all my expectations for it. As a crew...

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter Review

I loved Crimes and Punishments, Frogwares' last crack at the Sherlock Holmes franchise. There they took several big steps forward, offering the new deduction space where players...

Duelyst Review

Back in 2014, as every major publisher in the industry was clamouring to figure a way to stuff microtransactions into their games (a trend that...

Kill To Collect Review

"Oh, boy!" I thought to myself as I perused the description of Pieces Interactive's brand new overhead arena brawler, Kill To Collect. "It has 1-4 player...

Into The Stars Review

It's not often that a game can present itself, at first blush, as an aggressive abortion of undercooked, slapdash design elements that barely manages...

The Division Review

The Division is a game I should be incredibly cynical about. I mean, it's developed by Ubisoft, a studio that seems to call entire investor...

Final Fantasy Explorers Review

My fondest gaming memories probably come from the countless hours I spent on the original Dreamcast version of Phantasy Star Online in high school. Sure,...

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Review

Combine the art style of Dark Souls with the open world of Skyrim and the vertical combat of Shadow of the Colossus. That would make...

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