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Landlord's Super

Landlord’s Super is SO CLOSE to Being Something Super

Landlord's Super is one of the most unique simulation games ever made - and if you're British, you'll get a huge kick out of it.
The Lord of the Rings Gollum 1 (1)

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is Really, Really Bad

If you were looking forward to playing The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, you might want to think twice.
Annie and the AI

Annie and the AI is a Heartwarming, Terminator-Free Puzzler

Annie and the AI may not you give the power to crush humanity, but this heartstring-tugging puzzler is well worth your time.
Arcade Paradise Vostok Inc. Pinball DLC

Arcade Paradise’s Latest DLC Adds Pinball, And Our Arcade is Finally Perfect

Pinball has landed in Arcade Paradise, thanks to its Vostok Inc. Pinball DLC, and our arcade finally feels complete.
After Us

After Us Wants To Remind You That Humans Are Bad, Actually

Really, absolutely, the worst.

This Tiny Tina Statue From Mighty Jaxx is a Wonder to Behold

If you're a fan of gaming collectibles and have a soft spot for Tiny Tina, this statue from Mighty Jaxx deserves a spot on your shelf.
Tears of the Kingdom Horse

[UPDATED] The Duplicate Items Glitch in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Lets You Get Rich Real Fast

Tears of the Kingdom has but not one but two item duplication glitches. Here's how to make use of the easier one to duplicate items.
The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Tips for Playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Just starting to play The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? Here are some tips to help you on your way.
Ash of Gods: The Way

Ash of Gods: The Way is a Must-Play For Deckbuilding Fans

If you're a fan of deckbuilding games, Ash of Gods: The Way is definitely worth your time.
YS IX Monstrum Nox 4

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox on PS5 is Unnecessary but Welcome

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox makes its way to PS5 next week. There's little here for those who have already played though this epic adventure, however.
Stray Blade 2 (1)

Stray Blade is an Action RPG With Combat That Isn’t Too Sharp

Stray Blade is an action RPG with some promise, but it needs more polish and tighter combat to really impress.
Project Nightmares Case 36 Henrietta Kedward 1 (1)

Project Nightmares Case 36: Henrietta Kedward is Suitably Dark and Very Spooky

Available now on consoles and PC, Project Nightmares Case 36: Henrietta Kedward is a dark and spooky horror game worth checking out.
Saga of Sins 2 (1)

Saga of Sins Mixes Stained Glass With Arcade Action

Transform into numerous mythical beasts and jump into people's mind to relieve them of evil in action platformer Saga of Sins.

Shadows of Doubt is as Stupid as You Want it To Be

Shadows of Doubt casts you as a freelance detective in a big city, with the freedom to do all the wrong things.
The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Games to Watch Out For This May 2023

Wondering what games you've got to look forward to playing this May? Here are the game we think you ought to watch out for.
Homestead Arcana

Homestead Arcana is a Rewarding, Witchy Adventure Worth Your Time

Available now on PC, Homestead Arcana is a game worth checking out for those interested in a farming sim with a magical twist. 
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Headband customise cal

We Gave Cal a Headband and Horseshoe Moustache in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and Never Looked Back

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, it's up to you to define the appearance of Cal Kestis thanks to a bucketload of cosmetics to be unlocked.
Resident Evil 4 Guitar Hero Edition

Reddit Found Guitar Hero: Resident Evil 4 Edition and We Wish it Was Real

Who needs rocket launchers when you've got the power of rock?

Graveyard Keeper: Last Journey Edition is the Perfect Excuse to Jump into the Grave(yard)

Out now on PS4 and Xbox One, Graveyard Keeper: Last Journey Edition bundles all DLC with this excellent offbeat sim.

OTXO is Hotline Miami Meets Splatterhouse

Top-down shooter OTXO is a real blast to play and a warning about the dangers of putting on strange discarded masks.

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