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Evil Dead the Game 1 Review(1)

PSA: If You’re Playing Evil Dead: The Game, Make Use of Your Spirit Points

Playing Evil Dead: The Game? Did you know you can use Spirit Points to boost your character progression? Well, now you do. Here's how.
Achilles: Legends Untold

Early Access Achilles: Legends Untold is Titan Quest Meets Dark Souls

If the idea of fighting mythical creatures in challenging combat appeals to you, Achilles: Legends Untold might be worth jumping into early.
Best Month Ever

Best Month Ever! is a Scrappy But Interesting Narrative Adventure

We love a good narrative adventure here at GameSpew, and so Best Month Ever!, released earlier this month, immediately caught our attention.
Cozy Grove New Neighbears

Cozy Grove’s New Neighbears DLC is Only For Long-Term Players

Cozy Grove has its first paid DLC: New Neighbears, adding in four new bears. But it's only worth picking up if you're a dedicated player.
This War of Mine: Final Cut

This War of Mine: Final Cut is a Must-Play on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S

Available now on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, This War of Mine: Final Cut is the best way to play this incredible survival game.
Holomento Early Access impressions

The World of Early Access RPG Holomento is Interesting – But is it Enough?

Available now in Early Access, Holomento is an action RPG set in a fantasy world - but if you die, it's game over for good.
Ravenous Devils

Ravenous Devils is a Macabre Cooking Sim Worth Sinking Your Teeth Into

Ravenous Devils invites you to introduce your Victorian cafe patrons to the delights of cannibalism.
Winter Ember 1 (1)

Winter Ember is a Stealth Game That Doesn’t Even Get the Basics Right

From its restrictive viewpoint to its wonky cover mechanics, Winter Ember is a stealth game that struggles to impress.
Waifu Impact 1

We Played Waifu Impact So You Don’t Have To

Available now, Waifu Impact is absolutely unremarkable in every way.

Piepacker is Now Jam.gg, And It’s a Fantastic Social Gaming Tool

Retro social gaming platform Piepacker has had a glow-up: it's now known as Jam.gg and packs in lots of new features.
Roguebook review

Roguebook Makes a Great Addition to Nintendo Switch

If you're a fan of card-based roguelikes, you simply need Roguebook. And with its Switch release, more people than ever can play.

Here’s Every Star Wars Game Currently in Development

It's a good time to be a Star Wars fan, with multiple games from galaxies far, far away currently in development.
LEGO Builder's Journey 2

LEGO Builder’s Journey’s New Creative Mode is Fun – But I’d Rather Build With Real Bricks

LEGO Builder's Journey now has a new Creative Mode, allowing you to flex your imagination and build your own creations.
Road 96

The Best Games You Might Have Missed From April 2022

Ready to make your backlog a little bit longer? Here are the games that might have slipped under your radar last month.
Kao the Kangaroo

Games to Watch Out for This May

These games really ought to be on your radar.
Eldest Souls Depths of the Forgotten 1

Eldest Souls Depths of the Forgotten Expansion Entices Players Back Into the Fray

Depths of the Forgotten is a major expansion for Eldest Souls adding new weapons, bosses and more. Even better, it's absolutely free.
God of War Doom Slayer

Watch the Doom Slayer Duke it Out With God of War’s Baldur

It's Kratos's day off, but there's someone else ready to rip and tear.
Turbo Overkill 1 (1)

Available Now in Early Access, Turbo Overkill is Bloody Good Fun

Clean up Paradise as a chainsaw-legged Johnny Turbo in this fast-paced retro first-person shooter, now available in Steam Early Access.

Knotwords is Our New Favourite Daily Word Game

Move over, Wordle. A new daily word game is in town.
Pinball FX 2

Now in Early Access, the Next Generation of Pinball FX is Worth a Download

Pinball FX is essentially a reboot of Zen Studio's pinball series. And aside from boasting prettier visuals, it also brings new features.

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