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A Night at the Watermill, a girl waking up in a strange watermill.

A Night at the Watermill is a Warning to Watch Where You Wake Up

Are you a fan of short-form horror? Then you'll appreciate point-and-click adventure A Night at the Watermill.
Infinite Craft, with various words on a board.

Fifteen Weird and Wonderful Infinite Craft Recipes That Are Just Made Up Words

Infinite Craft sometimes goes off the rails. Here are our favourite Infinite Craft recipes that are clearly just made up words.
Strange Horticulture screenshot

Two Years On, There’s Still Nothing Like Strange Horticulture — And Now It’s On PlayStation

Strange Horticulture is one of our favourite games of all time, and this delightfully dark puzzle game is now on PlayStation.
Furnish Master early access screenshot

Early Access Furnish Master Needs Some Work, But It’s a Promising Relaxing Sim

Furnish Master is out now in early access, and while it needs some work, it offers up relaxing room decorating with no boundaries.
An screenshot of McDonalds Japan's trailer showing free kirby toys given away with Happy Meals.

Nintendo and McDonald’s Have Teamed Up in Japan, and the Result is Adorable

If you're lucky enough to live in Japan, you can bag yourself a Kirby toy in a McDonald's Happy Set. No such luck in the West.
A Little to the Left

PC and Switch’s Most Relaxing Puzzler is Now on PlayStation and Xbox

And it's just as wholesome as ever.
Mario vs Donkey Kong

Mario vs. Donkey Kong’s “Mini-Marios” are Nintendo’s Most Meta Creation 

The remake of Mario vs Donkey Kong, and its recent marketing, has us thinking about how insane (and perfect) its mini-Marios are.
physical media games collection

Physical vs Digital Games: Are We Headed to a Digital-Only Future?

Digital may be the future, but physical media is still important — or is it?
Smalland: Survive the Wilds, a small person riding a scorpion.

Smalland: Survive the Wilds is a Charming and Sometimes Terrifying Mini-Sized Survival Sim

Smalland: Survive the Wilds is a charming survival crafting game where even the smallest insect can prove a menace.
Alisa: Developer's Cut, with a girl being pursued by a giant head on legs.

Alisa Developer’s Cut is a Haunting Love Letter to Fixed-Camera Survival Horror

90s inspired survival horror Alisa Developer's Cut is more Haunting Ground than Resident Evil and it's all the better for it.
Telmari screenshot

Out Now, Telmari is a Platformer For The Persistent

Telmari is a beautiful 2D platforming game, but its fiendish gameplay means that you need some serious patience to take it on.
Happy Hour Hero

Happy Hour Hero and Making Your First Game in VR: An Interview With Flomp Studios

Claire used to write for GameSpew, but she's gone on to create Flomp Studio with her partner - and their first game, Happy Hour Hero, is out now.
Skull and Bones

What’s the Most Delayed Game of All Time?

With Skull and Bones finally out this week, it's had us thinking: what's the most delayed game of all time?
Lords of Exile 2 (1)

Out Today, Lords of Exile Will Thrill Fans of Classic Castlevania

Fondly remember classics such as Castlevania and Shinobi? You might want to check out Lords of Exile this Valentine's Day.
Dino Crisis T Rex

No, Capcom’s Latest Survey Doesn’t Mean We’re Getting A New Dino Crisis

Capcom has a survey doing the rounds asking about its past and present franchises - and naturally, Dino Crisis is the topic du jour.
Airhead screenshot

Out Today, Airhead is a Pretty Metroidvania Laced With Frustration

We first wrote about Airhead back in 2020, which feels like a literal lifetime ago now. A lot has happened since then – we're...
Diablo 4 stress relief

Diablo 4 is the Best Stress Relief

It turns out that playing Diablo 4 and slaying hundreds of demons is a very effective form of stress relief. Who'd have thought?
Yakuza: Like a Dragon Infinite wealth baby locker

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Underlines Ichiban’s Sad, Strange Story Twist

The Yakuza/Like a Dragon series can get a little weird, but the locker twist in Infinite Wealth is weightier than most.
An Xbox Series S toaster with a red 'X' over it and the word 'RIP'

Xbox Series S Toaster Review: It Seemed Cool… Then It Broke Within Two Weeks (Updated)

We've updated our Xbox Series S Toaster review which seemed great, but then broken within two weeks of buying it.
Invector: Rhythm Galaxy

Now on Consoles, Invector: Rhythm Galaxy is a Treat for Music Rhythm Game Fans

Now available on consoles, Invector: Rhythm Galaxy is a treat for rhythm game fans thanks to its engaging gameplay and eclectic tracklist.

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