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Legend of the Skyfish

Zelda-Lite Adventure Legend of the Skyfish is Cute But Repetitive

Take irony to a whole new level by slapping fish with a fishing rod in Legend of the Skyfish. 
History Warriors (1)

New Fighting Game Lets You Beat the Shit Out of Hitler

If you've been longing to shove your foot so far up Adolf Hitler's arse that you can tickle his moustache with it, here's your chance.
Blair Witch

The Witch and Her Minions Aren’t the Only Nightmare You’ll Face in Blair Witch

Blair Witch is the most recent horror game from The Bloober Team, but the witch herself isn't the scariest thing that players will deal with when they play on Xbox One.
The Cycle 1 (1)

In The Cycle, Completing Contracts is More Important Than Killing Your Opponents

Playable for free via early access on the Epic Store, Yager's The Cycle is a unique multiplayer game that puts a twist on the battle royale formula.
Blasphemous 4 (1)

Tips to Help You Conquer Blasphemous

Just getting started in The Game Kitchen's excellent Blasphemous? Here are some tips that might help you as you play through it.
A Link to the Past BlobVanDam (1)

This Fan-Made Video of a HD Link to the Past Answers Our Wildest Dreams

YouTuber BlobVanDam has reimagined A Link to the Past in glorious HD, and it's perfect.
WRC 8 3 (1)

This Week, We ‘Ave Mostly Been Playing… #59

These are the many games that the GameSpew team has been playing this week.
FIA European Truck Racing Championship 3 (1)

FIA European Truck Racing Championship Isn’t Very Good on Switch

FIA European Truck Racing Championship is well worth playing on PS4, Xbox One and PC, but on Switch it's pretty terrible.
Code Vein

Discussing How Code Vein Builds Upon the Dark Souls Experience With Producer Keita Iizuka

We spoke to Code Vein's producer Keita Iizuka about the game’s development, and how it hopes to differentiate itself from the legacy of Dark Souls.
Yakuza 3 1 (1)

Yakuza 3 Doesn’t Need the Kiwami Treatment to Shine

If, like me, you were disappointed to hear that Yakuza 3 wasn't getting the Kiwami treatment, don't be. All it needed was a bit of spit and polish to shine.
Gears 5 (1)

Where’s Our Gears 5 Review?

The embargo has lifted and you might have noticed we don't have a Gears 5 review. We're going to do our best to have one soon, though.

If All Games Have Literal Titles, Here’s What the Classics Should’ve Been Called

Names of games used to be so vague. We think they need to be more descriptive. So we've renamed some of the classics. You're welcome.
Borderlands 3 (1)

Games to Watch Out For This September

We hope you're made of money, because there are so many potentially good games coming out this September that even a millionaire might sweat a little.
Control 2 (1)

This Week, We ‘Ave Mostly Been Playing… #58

Here's what we 'Spewers have been playing this week.
Blair Witch 2 (1)

You Can Play Snake on Your Phone in Blair Witch

If Blair Witch gets a bit too scary for you, which is very possible, why not whip your in-game phone out and play a bit of Snake or Space Invaders?

The Reason Why Video Games Are So Violent

Ever wondered why so many games are saturated with fighting, violence and aggression? Diggy delves into the very foundations of video games to find the answer.
Crystar 1 (1)

In Crystar, Expressing Your Emotions Makes You Stronger

As action RPGs go, Crystar doesn't offer anything out of the ordinary gameplay-wise. But its emotion-led narrative and item system make it worthy of a play.
Wreckfest 2-min

This Week, We ‘Ave Mostly Been Playing… #57

Here are the games that we here at GameSpew have been playing this week.
Gears POP! 2 (1)

Gears POP! is Available Now, and it’s Rather Fun

Gears POP! combines Gears of War with Funko POP! to create an entertaning mobile phone game. It even has achievements for Xbox gamers.

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